Goldchess World Championship

It is nothing else, but chess task solving, playing live against chess application CEEC.
It is led by 7-times World Champion in solving, GM Piotr Murdzia! Big applause!
Our championship will most likely take place live in August, in Belgrade, during every year traditional world championship in solving. Goldchess will join as a new form of chess task solving.
On the 29th of May 2016, Goldchess will hold elimination. 100 chess players which will be first to send the correct solution to the task from elimination, will be qualified to the tournaments live in Belgrade.
Moreover, carte blanche will be given to 20 out of 40 chess players with ranking above 2700 Elo, who will be the first ones to show interest in attending Goldchess World Championship via email –
We cordially invite.
Chess players who will come out of elimination victorious will have to confirm their attendance and arrival to Belgrade live tournament on Goldchess portal in World Champion panel.
For the chess players from the first 100 who won’t be able to go to Belgrade, we will organize concurrent tournament on Goldchess portal, finals B of Goldchess World Championship for the second and third place, with prizes $2000 and $1000.

Goldchess Team