Tournament Rosija-America, – $ 50 000 prizes!

On the 16th of January 2016 Goldchess is starting its own Global Online Chess Tournament Rosija-America. This is true, despite current sanctions and isolation of Russia, Chess is beyond divisions. Chess bring people together rather than setting them apart. Nevertheless, this case has me worrying about next year frequency in Chess Department Rosija, as I assume that more nations will play in Chess Department America, in which case Department Rosija will be a little bit scanty. I hope I’m wrong. Russia is one of four chess world powers /not counting Norway of course :)/. Considering chess intellectual potential, India, China and USA are the only ones that rival to Russia.
Other 180 countries of the world, are just „the rest of the world”, added all together falling into the fifth group of general population of chess players.
We are working on Chess Departments of India and China, but as for right now Chess Department Rosija and America emerge on the international chess arena. So chess players from India and China can choose to play in either team Rosija or America.
We predict very tens rivalry in our global tournament.
Who is going to be better? Department Rosija or Department America?
Who is going to win more prizes? Amateurs or professionals? Those are the questions.
As of right now, in Goldchess we have created out of two world championship games, Anand-Gelfand /I Edition/ and Anand-Carlsen /II Edition/, chess matches full of fireworks! We’ve changed the face and the character of these bouts. In Goldchess there are no draws. There are beautiful combinations, reckless attacks, sacrifice of figures, which you will be able to recreate after the author of Goldchess. Recreate or show your own conception, better than the authors.
We invite chess players from all around the world, for the big chess fun with prizes. Yes, with prizes, as in Rosija – America Tournament we have an accumulation of $50 000 for prizes!
Goldchess is a play in which anything can happen, so here the bouts are won by Gelfand!
Anyone can play, as in Goldchess amateurs and professionals have equal chances of winning.
We also welcome new players to give it a try. After getting to know our book – „Jak wygrać z komputerem w szachy” and chess matches included in the book, which takes about a week, they can seriously give it a try and fight for the prizes.

We think it is not going to be difficult to win as in a replay match of Anand-Gelfand, in the place of the world champion will be our Chess Elite Educational Computer – CEEC, which plays similar to the author, on the I category level, and is not so difficult to defeat.
We wish each player, to be amongst the best.
Goldchess Team