Armenia at the top

In Germany, when it comes to the evaluation ofcar brands, there is a certain saying: “First there is Mercedes, then ahuge gap after it, and then finally there is Audi.” In our game,Goldchess, we may say that the best chess players are from Armenia, then a hugegap after them, and then finally there is Poland and Polish players. Thecurrent problems included in two diagrams available for free playing and stillwith prizes for the winners, constituting the Goldchess version of AndersenImmortal Game and agame prepared by a Polish player, Przemek – ranked 1400, inwhich there are brilliant variants, nobody but Armenians has sent in solutions.Players from Israel, India, Russia, the US, Spain and Spanish-speakingcountries, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Germany (the top ten) are either out ofshape or simply can’t cope with our computer? What surprises us the most is thelack of success of players from Russia or India which are known to be chesspowers. So it seems that the rest of the players can’t handle playing with acomputer which only operates an educational software, the fact we alwayswant toemphasize. A computer that after all has to be defeated. Although there aresome more difficult tasks, generally it is easy to win, but you have to learnand practice by playing our game. The fact that someone is a good chess playermeans nothing in Goldchess. Goldchess is a new formula, modern chess and thelack of Goldchess knowledge in chess education is the main reason standingbehind the lack of success. In other words, someone who does not learn Englishwill not speak it. In a chess tournament, a player who has some debutshortcomings will be able to play only the debuts that he or she knows. InGoldchess, without knowledge of Goldchess techniques, there is no winningopportunity, even for those who hold a title of a grandmaster. Practicalknowledge of Goldchess will soon become an obligatory element of general chessknowledge. As we have already stated in another article, those chess playerswho will learn and master Goldchess techniques will be difficult to defeat andwill prove to be better than others. Do you want to join the best? ExploreGoldchess.

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