Solving Chess, which means solving of chess problems on the checkerboard, is a separate discipline, a branch of chess. It is, in a way, a niche in the mainstream, that is in live tournaments, which are more popular and have a greater number of contenders. And they are the core of the royal game.
Goldchess, as an intermediate discipline, is a blend of solving chess and live tournaments. It is a “live” tournament game, although played “only” against an educational computer – (baby) CEEC. At the same time it is also a form of solving chess problems. And Goldchess, as an intermediate, but at the same time universal discipline, connects again those two worlds. That is because it has something to offer to both those who like solving chess puzzles, and to those who prefer live tournaments. It has something to offer to everyone – to amateurs and to professionals.
In the early days of Goldchess, a discipline which was first introduced at the Chess Festival in Rewal, Grandmaster Yuri Zezulkin said that Goldchess would find its place in the Problemist section and that it would dominate the section and drive out of it the current form, that is solving chess. I think it’s not entirely true. First of all, we don’t want to drive anyone out of anywhere. Solving chess has its own life and we will be rather supporting it. We’re friends. Our first friends from the chess world are actually solvers. Let me mention, for instance, the patron of our portal, who is both a good solver – he is the current holder of the World Team Champion title – and a proper Grandmaster. If those of you who like solving chess problems become interested in this new method of doing it, you will be welcomed to the circle of Goldchess enthusiasts as warmly as any other chess players. Feel invited. Goldchess is not meant to divide, but to join people. It is expected to be above any divisions. And it is designed for all kind of chess players. Particularly for those who can play beautifully based on combinations. And for those who want to learn how to do that. Because Goldchess is a school of chess beauty and brilliance, which we call modestly: “A New Way of Chess”.