Bobby Fischer Tournament – traditional & online

For the American Internal Revenue Service Bobby Fischer is an ungrateful payer who evaded taxation.(The IRS fought for Fischer’s inheritance worth $ 2 million, but a court in Reykjavík decided to award it to his wife).There is a common saying according to which there are two things in life you cannot avoid: death and taxes.Fischer proved a half of it is not true.
For the American judiciary in turn Robert was a criminal who by means of playing a match against Spassky broke the laws of the USA which at that time imposed economic sanctions on Russia because of its involvement in the war in Bosnia.Heartless and mindless officials were incapable of understanding and respecting the fact that chess is a free and independent game beyond the dirty mess of politics, with which it should not be mixed up.

Finally, for chess players from the USA and from all over the world Robert James Fischer is an Icon, and a chess genius.To commemorate him, we will hold a stationary and online Bobby Fischer Tournament in the USA or, alternatively, in Reykjavík, Iceland.It will be available not only to 1,000 players (as we plan) who will play in the tournament room, but also to an unlimited number of players from all over the world, who will have a possibility to take part in it via the web site.The contestants will be expected to solve problems based on positions from Bobby’s games, chess gems made by Goldchess in which we tried to preserve the style and brilliance of Fischer’s playing.Anyone can commemorate him and play in our tournament.It is planned for November or December 2018, or for 17 January 2019, which will be 11th anniversary of Fischer’s death.The prize pool will be at least $5,000.The final amount of the prize pool, which will depend on the number of participants, will be published 3 days before the commencement of the Tournament. We hope numerous players will become interested in participation.