“Goldchess – Way to the top.” (sections)

With this book you will set on a journey through three centuries of chess! From Morphy to Carlsen and further on into the 22nd century. At Goldchess we have created a style that will dominate chess throughout the coming 100 years!
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Anyone who buys our book by the end of 2020 will receive codes enabling access to the Gold BOOK Challenge tournament, with a prize pool of US$15,000!

This book will enable any chess player to improve their level and rating by 50-100, or even more points. All they need to do is become familiar with, understand and master – better than others – the Goldchess knowledge. Either individual players or groups or teams may advance.
A team of chess players from one of the top countries, boosted with Goldchess knowledge, will reach for chess gold. Other teams will surely go up in the table. Of course, the book alone will not enable anyone to reach the top. We cannot guarantee, either that Goldchess will turn any player into Fischer or Carlsen. But everyone has a chance to improve.

In the Universe, everything is finite. Physics, chemistry, astronomy, as well as all other sciences and branches of knowledge are finite – they can be explored in 100%. But we are only developing them. We can only hypothetically assume that so far we have explored up to 30% of physics, 50% of chemistry, and 10% of astronomy, as far as the structure and working of the Universe are concerned. The same applies to chess.I assume we have learned 50% of chess knowledge.
Goldchess adds another 10%, with a growth option.The remaining part will be successively developed by artificial intelligence, such as Alpha 0, and by humans – chess players and geniuses that will appear in the coming years, decades or centuries.

And you. Buy now! (Book to be purchased in our e-shop)