Alone against the whole world

I am an amateur chess player. I play at the level 2 according to the European classification.
I have created Goldchess. About 20,000 games won against the CEEC educational computer.
Almost 20 years of work during which I have been playing chess, creating games, writing two books on chess. And there will be many more of these games because Goldchess is like Wikipedia. Every day, our players create chess jewels that systematically enlarge our Chessbase. The names of these creators will be inscribed with golden syllables into the history of chess. Out of 20,000 games, we currently have around 2,000 that are our own brilliant and breath-taking games. And we will successively bring all of them to the dowry of worldwide chess.

Since 2012, Goldchess has its home: the website It is here where are our weekly, daily and 24/7 tournaments are organized, where everyone can play at any time that is convenient for them.

We bring something precious and we give it to the world of chess. New knowledge, new ideas, new style of playing. Also, we teach how to build winning positions and how to actually win them. Our computer, a charming opponent of all players, plays at a level of 90% of the chess population, so you can learn and apply our techniques in virtually every chess tournament. I invite you to our free Training Box. Learn and raise your level.

As I wrote before, we offer tournaments with entry fees and high prizes, and free tournaments with smaller ones, where you can challenge the champions from Armenia and test your chess level and skills. Of course, when playing from a given position against our CEEC computer.

Why the title says:“Alone against the world”? Well, it is easy to win amateur games faster against our computer, which has been proved hundreds of times by our chess players. An amateur player creates them individually and none of the great players verify them. Anyway, it is basically impossible because players are unpredictable. Any chess player, even a grandmaster, cannot predict everything what can be played.

So, the amateur is pretty much on his/her own. And because of that we created the Win Faster Tournament, in which you only have to win a game one move faster than an amateur. We have 3 levels of this tournament planned and prepared. With 3 games and a US$1,000 main prize, 4 games and a US$10,000 prize, and finally 5 games and a US$100,000 prize! The WF tournaments take place cyclically, every week, 3 times, and once a month, every last Sunday of the month, we also have for you… a free Win Faster Tournament with a prize of US$5,000!
Now you probably understand perfectly why the player is alone against the world. Yes, Goldchess is an amateur’s challenge for chess players around the world. All of them, including the top ones. We invite you to the first (February 28) and next confrontations.
An amateur against the rest of the world!

Only at!


Dear Chess Players!

We created the most beautiful website for you, and we want to attract millions of players to our beautiful chess world. For a very simple reason.
One of the most important leaders on the chess market is not doing a good job for the chess. Their selfish and egocentric approach created a strange situation in the world of chess. Nobody cooperates anymore, all chess portals isolate and distance themselves from one another… and hate one another like rabid dogs (it is an opinion of a world-famous grandmaster). The aforementioned website also blocks the chess development in all possible respects, treating any project which is not theirs as an example of hostile competition. They adhere to the principle that there should be only them and no one else. It is wrong and pointless. Moreover, they do not care about the chess development, but exclusively about their own business, which is highly unethical and reprehensible.

We want to change it, and we will. When millions of chess players come to us, we will make chess grow. Nothing should divide us. The chess community is one big family. We will restore friendship in the chess world so that all portals love and cooperate with one another for the good and development of the chess. Perhaps when that time comes there will be no room for the aforementioned chess site, but I am sure that if this happens, I am certain now and for sure: no one will cry for them.

The (chess) world will not collapse because of that, and if there is to be a leader in it, a wiser and a better one, such a leader will surely appear, and we can already see that leader. I mean the chess24 website, currently owned by Carlsen himself.

The other destructive web portal, I have mentioned in the beginning, also tried to marginalize chess24 by prohibiting cooperation with them and with other chess portal sin their contracts signed with associates all over the world. Hostility is a good thing, but among baboons, not in the civilized world. So, is the CEO of that hostile portal, a baboon? Well, we do not know it exactly, but we cannot rule it out.

Author, LK (amateur chess player)