Chess players’ dreams

Every chess player dream. For example, middle-class grandmasters, who rank out of the top 100 chess players, dream of playing against Carlsen. The minors would like to at least play in the same tournament with Carlsen or their other idol or role model.
For us, Immortal is such a tournament. Although we do not have a Goldchess world champion, you can play in this tournament alongside our best players, including grandmasters, international champions, and chess players with a rating above 1600, like Alex, who can easily match titled players. The principle that Goldchess tournaments ensure equal opportunity is confirmed. The Immortal tournament represents our sixth level, so you can experience double adrenaline thanks to the most difficult problems and the presence of the leaders. This is a tournament for the brave players who are not afraid to face any position playing against our educational computer. In addition, this tournament will already include our immortal games, whose discovery will give the player the authorship and thus a pass to the immortality of chess. Everyone will also have the opportunity to create their own version of our immortal variant, which will also make them and their matches go down in chess history. Immortal, a sixth sense tournament. Discover it yourself. Only at Goldchess.

We invite you to play!

Goldchess observations

A strong chess player came to us and played Free Daily (level 2 of 7). He didn’t solve the task, didn’t send solution, didn’t win a position with our educational computer. He is in shock. And now the question. What is stronger in a person? Frustration or ambition? If it’s frustration, he won’t play again. As ambition, he will play again. As we can see Goldchess helps not only to realize one’s own level or shortcomings in chess education. It also helps to understand yourself and gives you a chance to strengthen and repair your psyche. Believe in yourself and try, play again. The impossible may turn out to be possible.

Deceive CEEC

Experienced grandmasters joke that playing chess and winning a game is all about tricking your opponent. There is a grain of truth in this because we apply this principle successfully at Goldchess. CEEC plays like a human being. Material achievements attract and interest it. And this comes with a price. It tries to make a pile and consume, while we checkmate. One more thing. At Goldchess, we do not count variants. We wait for CEEC to make a mistake. Just like in a normal tournament. At Goldchess, we have the luxury of being able to undo our moves. If our variant does not work out well, we can undo our move and change our idea looking for the best solution. Our intuition and imagination play all the time. By playing and training at Goldchess, you will master this skill.