Goldchess – a new way of chess

Goldchess is the biggest and most important chess project of the 21st century.
We are creating a new chapter in the history, development and popularization of chess.
Our online chess tournaments for millions – thanks to our know-how – are tournaments of equal opportunity for everyone. Anyone can play and practically anyone can win. Therefore they can quickly become the most attractive mass tournaments in the world. And not only because of this, also because of the high prizes in our tournaments that we will be able to offer. The more chess players play with us by paying the entry fee, the higher the prize pools will be.
We have prepared a database of about 20,000 games in which we present ways of playing unknown to modern chess. This is a step into the future and our contribution to the development of chess.
We also have a Training Box and a book “Way to the top” to teach our style of play. Goldchess teaches, develops the mind, increases its intellectual potential. And it is stress-free fun. Playing from a given position against our educational computer, you can go back and change moves in search of a variant leading to victory.
You are not in Goldchess and you do not know Goldchess? Then you are deficient in chess education and in fact you are a chess player of II category. However, you can always change it. We invite you. Goldchess is friendly and open to everyone. Check.