Goldchess recommends

  • Gold0, a free of charge game in which you can win $ 50 every week
  • The Best for the best; for the ambitious and intelligent, willing to be successful and learn it.
  • The duet of games Department Rosija and Department America, destined for global success. Not being in team Rosija or America is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope. Here you’ll meet players from around the world. You’ll learn how to play and compete, individually and in teams.
  • Young Ten Kids for infant prodigies up to 10 years of age. For them we’ve prepared special games that strengthen assertiveness.
  • in Gold13, even though we claim you have no chance to win here, you can win even $ 10,000!

Check out our games and play those which suit you best.
Actually, all games are for everyone and you can try your hand in each of them because they were created by an amateur category 2 chess player.
At the same time our chess games are something new and innovative, they’re a product of the 22nd century.
There are no identical positions in the whole chess base, which consists of 7 million games.
Then, you can also create something new.
Goldchess is a trademark, as well as new track. Let’s build it together.
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