Goldchess – a chance for immortality

Chess got lost a bit. When I look at those chess tournaments, games for masses, where everyone treats others as rivals, those fights for points, rankings, winners, everything is so limited, so narrowed down to a sort of an athletic competition. All of that makes little sense.
Ok, the tournament was organized, 1000 games were played. The question is, how many of them deserve to be remembered, admired, honored, and immortalized? How many of them will make the history of chess? What is the contribution of the players of a particular tournament to the legacy of chess heritage? If there is no such contribution whatsoever, why did this tournament take place at all? Couldn’t they just play some leg games under the table? It would do as much difference.
In Goldchess, this style of tournament fades away and practically does not exist. The most important thing is creativity, creating a game that will live forever. Shown after 100 or 1000 years from now, it will still amaze the spectators. And we reward players for such games.
Goldchess is a change. With us – you create. There is no tension and stress in the tournament, there is a looseness, providing psychological comfort and allowing the creation of beautiful combinations. Because creating beauty is the most important thing at Goldchess. Each chess player should leave something behind. Goldchess makes it possible. Here you will create your own chess masterpiece and gain chess immortality.
Goldchess gives you a pass to eternity.
Feel free to join us.