Goldchess – play modern chess

Goldchess is a new form of chess tournaments played on the, website, with no front runners, but with winning opportunities for virtually every player. This is because here the winner is the one who is the first to solve our chess problem and to submit a solution, and not the one with a higher rating.
Our website is a typical tournament portal, which offers participation in tournaments and chess diagrams, with entry fee or for free, as you like it. The advantage of our tournaments are attractive prize pools and the luxury of playing at home without any stress. Also, in our tournaments can play any number of players. The more participants, the higher is the prize pool. Goldchess is the World Chess Community Website. Simply for chess players.

Goldchess inspires. It teaches how to play efficiently and beautifully, and on today is an indispensable part of chess education.
In a couple of years, it will be impossible to become a good chess player without knowing Goldchess. The players familiar with Goldchess will be amongst the best ones. So, start learning and playing with us today. All you need is to register, download our software – which is your opponent, and you are ready to play. The rest can be found on our website under the -1st step and -How to play headlines.
Join us!