American Week for American Chess Players

In the Non Stop tournament – especially for the American chess players!

We start on May, 4 at 05:00 p.m.New York time with the prize pool of US$ 3,500 and registration fee of US$ 20,00
Of course, the chess players from all over the world are welcome to participate, although they may find it somewhat difficult, because it will be midnight in Moscow, 02:30 a.m. in Delhi and 05:00 next day in the morning in Beijing. 🙂
In case of a tie-break in extra time it will be easier because it will start on Sunday at 10.00 a.m.CET (11.00 a.m. in Moscow, 01.30 p.m. in Delhi, and 04.00 p.m. in Beijing)
Breathtaking games. All starting from the original positions of the games played by American grandmasters: Joel Benjamin, Walter Browne and Larry Christiansen, famous U.S. chess-players. All the games, exactly from the presented positions, were won by a Goldchess amateur.
American players have to repeat the same achievement. But it is worth remembering that all the games were lost by White and we start from worse, difficult positions. Therefore each game requires virtuosity, and one has to reach the height of his or her skills to win, although the defending CEEC baby computer is not a particular chess eagle.
In the problem 4, Tala-Goldchess style, we may chose a checkmate in 27th move after sacrificing two rooks – prize US$ 500 and forced mate in 31st move after making 13 moves, also for the prize of US$ 500. The player who sends in both solutions will get 2 x US$ 500!
Please, feel invited.

Non Stop 13 – Report – There will be Play off!!

13th edition stopped the players! And we warned! Even though the authors of Goldchess are not infallilble, this time though their predictions did come true. All the immortal games defended themselves. Nobody solved any of the 5 problems. That doesn’t mean there will be no prizes though. Poor ones, but still.

From the 14th edition on there will be a new Goldchess formula introduced. Fun-easy games. Lesser prize funds, but easier problems. For the players to start winning regularly.


Task 1. m22 involving winning the queen on c4. We agree, tough one, 7-8 on a scale to 10. Solution we may otherwise award, this time no award, as another player sent a dual solution. They think the same, or they have the same computer program helping?

Task 2. Checkmate on c4, nobody sent any mate. No prize.

Task 3. Checkmate involving queen sacrifice. Distinction as well as awarded. Pawel Weichhold involing sac-ing the queen. And 6 moves faster than us. $200.

Task 4. Checkmate involving sacrificing and winning the queen. Nobody fulfilled conditions. But there is one which we would like to award, Lukasz Luba, reverse order, first winning and then sacrificing. Checkmate not on 29 but on 31. But a gem. Best solution of this edition. $250. Congratulations!

Task 5. m31 with f4 pawn, with sacrificing of 4 pieces. Transcendental problem. Just as we wrote, chessplyaers won’t solve this until in 600 years. Without a prize.

General thing. Players submitted a ton of the so-called “doubles”, same solutions with different move orders, which may suggest that strong computer programs assissted the players. And those “assissted” solutions are not awarded. But as we say from the start, strong comps don’t help anybody. That’s because Goldchess problems are not susceptible to them. 🙂 The program may deliver some solution, but not involving the conditions.

Thanks Everyone for numerous participation. The $5000 prize fund was a great magnet. And the participation in our great tournament.

We invite You All to next edition, and the Play Off! On Sunday!