A chess summit for everyone

Goldchess is a powerful chess learning instrument for everyone. Beginners and advanced chess players. Such chess problems as in the Grandmaster Corner or Chess Miracles Competitions are for good and outstanding chess players. But, everyone can come and try to solve them. And then, with systematic study and work with us, make them outstanding chess players too. Such success is within reach and in the hands of everyone.
Those who teach chess today, including grandmasters, should also come to Goldchess to complete their education and knowledge about chess. Then chess will begin to develop at an unprecedented rate.
Goldchess is a wealth and a mine of new ideas in chess. We do not copy anything or anyone. We are original, pioneering and… unique in the world.

You are welcome

PS. Goldchess is such a less tiring chess. The chess player is given a winning position and is expected to win it.
You don’t have to count variants, you can undo moves, change concepts, game plans and look for new ways to win. The most important thing is to have a flash, a vision of how to start playing and according to it to intuitively lead the attack. This way of playing sharpens a chess player’s analytical skills, which will later pay off in normal tournaments. Without counting variants, we teach a shot at the right idea, choosing the right concept in a particular position.

Chess immortality

Goldchess… a portal unlike any other. A chess player gets a winning position with us. This is already half of the success plus learning how to build such a position. Often there are innovations or reinforcements or brand new, novel variants of debit theory. The only thing missing for happiness and complete success is winning a position with our educational computer. If you do not win, it means that your level is not yet the best. But, with us you can improve it significantly. So play and learn, our computer is the objective, best examiner in the world.
We are proposing something new, different from the usual playing of chess for points, places and rankings as in normal tournaments. Or producing chess spam in blitzes.
In ours, to say the least, apart from playing for prizes, you play for immortality. Here, players have the chance, much more than in traditional tournaments, to create a game that will be enjoyed by future generations. Chess immortality, what could be more beautiful for a chess player? Come, play, win.

You are welcome

Goldchess – the 8th wonder of the world

Goldchess is an extraordinary project, the likes of which have not been seen since the beginning of the history of the world and chess. And it was created by practically one man, one of the 8 billion human population. In addition, a chess amateur. That also means something, in itself. As yet it is little known, but, we have not yet done a global promotion and, moreover, it was created as if too early, ahead of its time. Perhaps one of the Cuban grandmasters put it most aptly: ‘great things have always been at first incomprehensible to the public and underestimated’. It was the same with Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”, and many other works of art or inventions. And we understand this. However, as we know the project best, we believe that today’s level of chess and chess players is nevertheless appropriate for the project to come into being and attract millions of fans who will like it or even love it. This is why it was created in the first place. Goldchess is chess for millions. So you are welcome. Whoever understands it will stay with us, whoever doesn’t, will probably join in its future incarnation. Provided, of course, that he becomes a chess player once again.


In our chess base containing more than 20,000 games and as many winnable positions, 90% are practically for everyone. 5-10% are more difficult, and a dozen of them are so difficult that perhaps chess players will only win them in 100 years. Nevertheless, each position is winnable, because let us remember that it was won with our educational computer by our amateur chess player. The more difficult ones which we present today (Grandmaster Corner diagram, position from the Duda-Carlsen game) are for good and ambitious chess players who have aspirations and want to be better or the best. And such are welcome in the first place and with open arms. You can also check your level with us. The basic qualifying level to play with us is 2 tasks received at registration, then in the Challenge tournament levels 1500-2000-3000. No matter what your FIDE ranking is, or whether you are a good amateur, check your level with us.

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Goldchess – definition

Goldchess is a combined formula of fun and tournament play at a decent level. But, we are also able to rise to the heights. “Correcting” the games of the world’s best chess players from losing to winning and creating winning variants and continuations in them that they have not seen, we show that we can do something in Goldchess (in chess).

We are currently showing on our goldchess.com website, in sequence, the 15 games lost by participants in this year’s Candidates tournament. Lost by them, and won showily by us. And here’s a thought.
As one looks at their lost games, at what they played, and compares it with our won variants, (anyone can judge this for themselves https://www.goldchess.com/en/other/winnerslist.html#g0_wins ), with what could have been played in those positions and what they didn’t play, the question arises as to what they actually played and the doubt whether they, the top players, know how to play chess at all?

It looks like an insult, but I did not and do not have such intentions. So how do I explain it? I think simply.
How about in a chess match against the other civilisations of the Universe, our world would rank a respectable 99th out of 100 teams?
Is it the end of the world? No, and even if it is, Goldchess is the beginning of a new world.

Welcome to Goldchess

I know that I know nothing

Dear chess players, in Goldchess (we exist for 10 years) we have good analysts. On our website there is a corner Chess Miracle (diagram on the main page) in which we select from various tournaments the games of mostly good, renowned chess players which they lost with black or white. And we show how they could have won them. And here we came to a surprising conclusion.

Observing the tournaments of the best (also the current Candidates Tournament) and doing the same, we come to a conclusion that they all don’t know how to play chess (yet). And we can practically demonstrate this on the basis of many games. Just compare their games which they lost, with ours, as we played to win them. They were not able to see the combinations and winning variants that we played. The crowning proof here is that our combinations contained in our database of 20,000 games are not to be found in the chessbase of about 8 million games, which means that they are unknown and maybe chess players will start playing this way in 10 or 20 years, or maybe only in the 22nd century. And Goldchess is already and available to everyone.
Therefore our tournaments are equal opportunity tournaments for everyone, grandmaster and amateur. When entering a game and playing a certain position, nobody knows how to play to win, and the winner is the one who first finds the way to win, i.e. the winning variant. And it can always be a weaker chess player or a talented amateur. No matter how you look at it, we are the vanguard of chess and everyone can learn something here and raise their level, not excluding the best players from the top 100.
Of course, they may claim that our computer plays weaker than any chess player, let’s say from the top, and that is why our wins are possible and in such a style.
Ok, we partially agree with that. But for the most part our variants are correct and effective also for the highest levels, and certainly reliable for at least 90% of the chess population. That is, the whole, millions of chess players. 

Are you a chess player outside the top 100 and want to learn real chess? Come to us, we are for you. We have a Training Box, our free one hundred games course. Once you have learnt them you will already enter other levels and become a better chess player. But you will get only the real grind in our tournaments.
Chess of the XXII century. Only with us.

You are welcome

Goldchess – a new way of chess

Goldchess is the biggest and most important chess project of the 21st century.
We are creating a new chapter in the history, development and popularization of chess.
Our online chess tournaments for millions – thanks to our know-how – are tournaments of equal opportunity for everyone. Anyone can play and practically anyone can win. Therefore they can quickly become the most attractive mass tournaments in the world. And not only because of this, also because of the high prizes in our tournaments that we will be able to offer. The more chess players play with us by paying the entry fee, the higher the prize pools will be.
We have prepared a database of about 20,000 games in which we present ways of playing unknown to modern chess. This is a step into the future and our contribution to the development of chess.
We also have a Training Box and a book “Way to the top” to teach our style of play. Goldchess teaches, develops the mind, increases its intellectual potential. And it is stress-free fun. Playing from a given position against our educational computer, you can go back and change moves in search of a variant leading to victory.
You are not in Goldchess and you do not know Goldchess? Then you are deficient in chess education and in fact you are a chess player of II category. However, you can always change it. We invite you. Goldchess is friendly and open to everyone. Check.

Chess players’ dreams

Every chess player dream. For example, middle-class grandmasters, who rank out of the top 100 chess players, dream of playing against Carlsen. The minors would like to at least play in the same tournament with Carlsen or their other idol or role model.
For us, Immortal is such a tournament. Although we do not have a Goldchess world champion, you can play in this tournament alongside our best players, including grandmasters, international champions, and chess players with a rating above 1600, like Alex, who can easily match titled players. The principle that Goldchess tournaments ensure equal opportunity is confirmed. The Immortal tournament represents our sixth level, so you can experience double adrenaline thanks to the most difficult problems and the presence of the leaders. This is a tournament for the brave players who are not afraid to face any position playing against our educational computer. In addition, this tournament will already include our immortal games, whose discovery will give the player the authorship and thus a pass to the immortality of chess. Everyone will also have the opportunity to create their own version of our immortal variant, which will also make them and their matches go down in chess history. Immortal, a sixth sense tournament. Discover it yourself. Only at Goldchess.

We invite you to play!

Goldchess observations

A strong chess player came to us and played Free Daily (level 2 of 7). He didn’t solve the task, didn’t send solution, didn’t win a position with our educational computer. He is in shock. And now the question. What is stronger in a person? Frustration or ambition? If it’s frustration, he won’t play again. As ambition, he will play again. As we can see Goldchess helps not only to realize one’s own level or shortcomings in chess education. It also helps to understand yourself and gives you a chance to strengthen and repair your psyche. Believe in yourself and try, play again. The impossible may turn out to be possible.

Deceive CEEC

Experienced grandmasters joke that playing chess and winning a game is all about tricking your opponent. There is a grain of truth in this because we apply this principle successfully at Goldchess. CEEC plays like a human being. Material achievements attract and interest it. And this comes with a price. It tries to make a pile and consume, while we checkmate. One more thing. At Goldchess, we do not count variants. We wait for CEEC to make a mistake. Just like in a normal tournament. At Goldchess, we have the luxury of being able to undo our moves. If our variant does not work out well, we can undo our move and change our idea looking for the best solution. Our intuition and imagination play all the time. By playing and training at Goldchess, you will master this skill.

Alone against the whole world

I am an amateur chess player. I play at the level 2 according to the European classification.
I have created Goldchess. About 20,000 games won against the CEEC educational computer.
Almost 20 years of work during which I have been playing chess, creating games, writing two books on chess. And there will be many more of these games because Goldchess is like Wikipedia. Every day, our players create chess jewels that systematically enlarge our Chessbase. The names of these creators will be inscribed with golden syllables into the history of chess. Out of 20,000 games, we currently have around 2,000 that are our own brilliant and breath-taking games. And we will successively bring all of them to the dowry of worldwide chess.

Since 2012, Goldchess has its home: the website goldchess.com. It is here where are our weekly, daily and 24/7 tournaments are organized, where everyone can play at any time that is convenient for them.

We bring something precious and we give it to the world of chess. New knowledge, new ideas, new style of playing. Also, we teach how to build winning positions and how to actually win them. Our computer, a charming opponent of all players, plays at a level of 90% of the chess population, so you can learn and apply our techniques in virtually every chess tournament. I invite you to our free Training Box. Learn and raise your level.

As I wrote before, we offer tournaments with entry fees and high prizes, and free tournaments with smaller ones, where you can challenge the champions from Armenia and test your chess level and skills. Of course, when playing from a given position against our CEEC computer.

Why the title says:“Alone against the world”? Well, it is easy to win amateur games faster against our computer, which has been proved hundreds of times by our chess players. An amateur player creates them individually and none of the great players verify them. Anyway, it is basically impossible because players are unpredictable. Any chess player, even a grandmaster, cannot predict everything what can be played.

So, the amateur is pretty much on his/her own. And because of that we created the Win Faster Tournament, in which you only have to win a game one move faster than an amateur. We have 3 levels of this tournament planned and prepared. With 3 games and a US$1,000 main prize, 4 games and a US$10,000 prize, and finally 5 games and a US$100,000 prize! The WF tournaments take place cyclically, every week, 3 times, and once a month, every last Sunday of the month, we also have for you… a free Win Faster Tournament with a prize of US$5,000!
Now you probably understand perfectly why the player is alone against the world. Yes, Goldchess is an amateur’s challenge for chess players around the world. All of them, including the top ones. We invite you to the first (February 28) and next confrontations.
An amateur against the rest of the world!

Only at goldchess.com!


Dear Chess Players!

We created the most beautiful website for you, and we want to attract millions of players to our beautiful chess world. For a very simple reason.
One of the most important leaders on the chess market is not doing a good job for the chess. Their selfish and egocentric approach created a strange situation in the world of chess. Nobody cooperates anymore, all chess portals isolate and distance themselves from one another… and hate one another like rabid dogs (it is an opinion of a world-famous grandmaster). The aforementioned website also blocks the chess development in all possible respects, treating any project which is not theirs as an example of hostile competition. They adhere to the principle that there should be only them and no one else. It is wrong and pointless. Moreover, they do not care about the chess development, but exclusively about their own business, which is highly unethical and reprehensible.

We want to change it, and we will. When millions of chess players come to us, we will make chess grow. Nothing should divide us. The chess community is one big family. We will restore friendship in the chess world so that all portals love and cooperate with one another for the good and development of the chess. Perhaps when that time comes there will be no room for the aforementioned chess site, but I am sure that if this happens, I am certain now and for sure: no one will cry for them.

The (chess) world will not collapse because of that, and if there is to be a leader in it, a wiser and a better one, such a leader will surely appear, and we can already see that leader. I mean the chess24 website, currently owned by Carlsen himself.

The other destructive web portal, I have mentioned in the beginning, also tried to marginalize chess24 by prohibiting cooperation with them and with other chess portal sin their contracts signed with associates all over the world. Hostility is a good thing, but among baboons, not in the civilized world. So, is the CEO of that hostile portal, a baboon? Well, we do not know it exactly, but we cannot rule it out.

Author, LK (amateur chess player)