Overview of the Pretenders Tournament (2)

Part two, the Nakamura-Gukesh game. Nakamura could have easily won it. But he made an incorrect decision by playing 12.Ne4. This created open lines for the bishops giving the possibility of a strong attack, but Gukesh successfully prevented it. 12.ab4 should have been played. And this move could have been followed by 2 responses from black, 12…B:b4 and 12…Nc6. In the first case we have a win in the 19th move, in the second in the 26th. But Nakamura squandered this chance. Check out our wins.

Now the roles are reversed. In the later part of the game the victory could have been achieved by Gukesh. He captured a pawn on move 20 and had a good chance to win after exchanging queens. But later in the game Nakamura outsmarted him and regained the pawn. Capturing white’s bishop in the endgame didn’t help any more and didn’t change the draw ending. And winning was easy. All we had to do was exchange the knight for the white bishop, stay with the black-field bishops and realise the advantage. See how we did it. The position after white’s 26th move. Black played 26…Nd5, but this did not bring them success. A seemingly good move, but not really. We pursue a different concept, our concept, and it has an effect. Black’s win in the 46th move and mate in the 55th see. Both games are in -Winners Chess Miracles.