British World Chess solving championship

I went to the championship with Piotr Murdzia – 7 time world champion in chess solving and British champion of 2015.
Since my daughter lives in London, I was already planning a trip there. In this case I did both – visited her and went as a guest to the Albion Championship in chess solving, Anno Domini 2016. I had never been to England before, and it was my first time on a plane in a long time. I’ve chosen a flight from Warsaw, with polish airline LOT. To make this article more humorous, let me tell you something interesting. From Poland to England the flight is one hour long and from England to Poland is three hours long. I believe that everyone understands why, for those who don’t – try it yourself. While traveling I often come up with interesting ideas, just like this time. As I was entering the plane, I’ve asked our stewardess to show me her hand. I looked at it and I told her that she has a very long life line. Now I could travel with no fear.
We were surprised by the unusual London weather, with no fog or smog. This was one out of 365 days of the year when weather in London is not foggy! From there everything went as planned. My daughter picked us up from the Heathrow airport and transported us to the place where championship took place – Slough. Since the championship took place the next day, my daughter took us to Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant (one of the most popular chefs in the world) in which she works. Inside, I was warmly welcomed by her friends who made me feel like at home. We had champagne and seven different kind of dishes, including sushi. I won’t try to describe the incredible taste of the food but concluding it was the most amazing, beautiful and tasty supper in my life. And to think that all it took was to visit London…
British Championship happened in a beautiful Eton College auditorium. You can see it on the pictures attached. There were strong players from around the world, which caused a hard battle for points. Our grandmaster scored second place, losing to Belgian who scored 5 points in the last minute and took lead by 2,5 points. You can see our grandmaster’s game on, as I though of it as beautiful and I found a solution to it.
British chess solving championship have one interesting specificity. All players play in one group and are subjected to a general scoring. Then the organizers divide them between English and foreign players, and Englishman who scored the best in general group, becomes a British champion. It look humorous, as for example first 100 of places are scored by foreigns, and Englishman can still become a champion by taking 101st place :). This year was not so bad for English as pure Englishman took third place. Belgian, Pole an English.
After returning to the hotel, the atmosphere was pleasant, as I discovered that it is Piotr Murdzia’s birthday. I’m not going to narrate on our hotel party for the known reasons :). It’s a skill taken from chess tactics :). Concluding, there is many Poles around and there is no problem communicating in polish.
Championship info:

Solving and Goldchess

In short, Goldchess is also about solving chess problems and tasks but in the newest form, playing live against chess computer CEEC (Chess Elite Educational Computer). On the other side Goldchess is a duplicate or a mirror image of a practical game. As a matter of fact the game is against a computer with 1800 ELO educational level, but he is „alive”, plays by defending, counterattacking and overall – plays well. 🙂 There is also some innovation. Goldchess combinations can’t be found in a chess base that contains 8 millions of games. In this case chess players have to do or to discover something new, which is also their creativity! The only guideline is for example a mate in 30, which is at the same time a hint. Nevertheless players have to discover it on their own. Additionally, there is no way of being a copycat as in many cases chess players win by following their own path or by creating new variants. During the Goldchess Polish Championship nobody has won by the authors choice but only by doing the right amount of moves to win. A different way. Also, nobody has won faster than the author. On the other hand, in the VIIIth round of Rosija – America tournament, it was necessary to repeat authors variant to win. Now the question is if they were copycats? No, they found their own solution – on their own. The only hint they had was the fact that it was possible to do. Although CEEC is not an expert on 3000 ELO, it can teach many professional chess players a lesson. Because chess is like life, never ending learning. Additional success of CEEC and Goldchess problems is due to the fact that mostly none of the stronger chess computers can solve it. We’ve tested it against Fritz, Rybka and Houdini – none of them succeed. It is as a result of CEEC computer playing in a very specific way and a different way of playing by the author. Combining both of those facts gives an unbelievable effect, in which the best way of winning is to make moves which won’t be made by stronger computer because most of them fail as they do not create an opportunity to win in as many moves or faster from the author. Another conclusion is that not only stronger computers can’t solve the problem, but also grandmasters can’t always. The main conclusion is that in Goldchess, both amateurs and professionals have equal chances. It is different than in most of traditional tournaments where there is a few chess players with a ranking above 2700 ELO and one of them has to win. As a matter of fact the chances are not even 1% that one of them would win if they would participate in our Goldchess Polish Championship. This makes Goldchess unique. A little modest educational computer CEEC has no respect before anyone. It is not afraid of high rankings, titles, or stronger computers. This is an innovation… simple beauty. Goldchess is a new quality, style, XXII century, it is „New way of chess”. We invite you to check our website. We have a Contest for the most beautiful game of the world (everybody can send their game – candidate), Grandmaster Corner, with a prize of $100, free Gold 0 game, with a prize of $50 every week and a world phenomenon, Rosija-America tournament, with a prize fund $50 000! 1st Edition is a replay of Anand-Gelfand game, and the problems are actual positions from their game. In the 2nd Edition, also with $50 000 prize fund, we will show a replay of Anand-Carlsen! Tournament entry fee, to win $50 000 of prizes, is only $30 in promotion. You can join the tournament at any moment, also before the last round in which the prize will be $12 000! Starting May 7th 2016! New way of chess.