I know that I know nothing

Dear chess players, in Goldchess (we exist for 10 years) we have good analysts. On our website there is a corner Chess Miracle (diagram on the main page) in which we select from various tournaments the games of mostly good, renowned chess players which they lost with black or white. And we show how they could have won them. And here we came to a surprising conclusion.

Observing the tournaments of the best (also the current Candidates Tournament) and doing the same, we come to a conclusion that they all don’t know how to play chess (yet). And we can practically demonstrate this on the basis of many games. Just compare their games which they lost, with ours, as we played to win them. They were not able to see the combinations and winning variants that we played. The crowning proof here is that our combinations contained in our database of 20,000 games are not to be found in the chessbase of about 8 million games, which means that they are unknown and maybe chess players will start playing this way in 10 or 20 years, or maybe only in the 22nd century. And Goldchess is already and available to everyone.
Therefore our tournaments are equal opportunity tournaments for everyone, grandmaster and amateur. When entering a game and playing a certain position, nobody knows how to play to win, and the winner is the one who first finds the way to win, i.e. the winning variant. And it can always be a weaker chess player or a talented amateur. No matter how you look at it, we are the vanguard of chess and everyone can learn something here and raise their level, not excluding the best players from the top 100.
Of course, they may claim that our computer plays weaker than any chess player, let’s say from the top, and that is why our wins are possible and in such a style.
Ok, we partially agree with that. But for the most part our variants are correct and effective also for the highest levels, and certainly reliable for at least 90% of the chess population. That is, the whole, millions of chess players. 

Are you a chess player outside the top 100 and want to learn real chess? Come to us, we are for you. We have a Training Box, our free one hundred games course. Once you have learnt them you will already enter other levels and become a better chess player. But you will get only the real grind in our tournaments.
Chess of the XXII century. Only with us.

You are welcome