Goldchess – definition

Goldchess is a combined formula of fun and tournament play at a decent level. But, we are also able to rise to the heights. “Correcting” the games of the world’s best chess players from losing to winning and creating winning variants and continuations in them that they have not seen, we show that we can do something in Goldchess (in chess).

We are currently showing on our website, in sequence, the 15 games lost by participants in this year’s Candidates tournament. Lost by them, and won showily by us. And here’s a thought.
As one looks at their lost games, at what they played, and compares it with our won variants, (anyone can judge this for themselves ), with what could have been played in those positions and what they didn’t play, the question arises as to what they actually played and the doubt whether they, the top players, know how to play chess at all?

It looks like an insult, but I did not and do not have such intentions. So how do I explain it? I think simply.
How about in a chess match against the other civilisations of the Universe, our world would rank a respectable 99th out of 100 teams?
Is it the end of the world? No, and even if it is, Goldchess is the beginning of a new world.

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