Goldchess – the 8th wonder of the world

Goldchess is an extraordinary project, the likes of which have not been seen since the beginning of the history of the world and chess. And it was created by practically one man, one of the 8 billion human population. In addition, a chess amateur. That also means something, in itself. As yet it is little known, but, we have not yet done a global promotion and, moreover, it was created as if too early, ahead of its time. Perhaps one of the Cuban grandmasters put it most aptly: ‘great things have always been at first incomprehensible to the public and underestimated’. It was the same with Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”, and many other works of art or inventions. And we understand this. However, as we know the project best, we believe that today’s level of chess and chess players is nevertheless appropriate for the project to come into being and attract millions of fans who will like it or even love it. This is why it was created in the first place. Goldchess is chess for millions. So you are welcome. Whoever understands it will stay with us, whoever doesn’t, will probably join in its future incarnation. Provided, of course, that he becomes a chess player once again.


In our chess base containing more than 20,000 games and as many winnable positions, 90% are practically for everyone. 5-10% are more difficult, and a dozen of them are so difficult that perhaps chess players will only win them in 100 years. Nevertheless, each position is winnable, because let us remember that it was won with our educational computer by our amateur chess player. The more difficult ones which we present today (Grandmaster Corner diagram, position from the Duda-Carlsen game) are for good and ambitious chess players who have aspirations and want to be better or the best. And such are welcome in the first place and with open arms. You can also check your level with us. The basic qualifying level to play with us is 2 tasks received at registration, then in the Challenge tournament levels 1500-2000-3000. No matter what your FIDE ranking is, or whether you are a good amateur, check your level with us.

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