Chess immortality

Goldchess… a portal unlike any other. A chess player gets a winning position with us. This is already half of the success plus learning how to build such a position. Often there are innovations or reinforcements or brand new, novel variants of debit theory. The only thing missing for happiness and complete success is winning a position with our educational computer. If you do not win, it means that your level is not yet the best. But, with us you can improve it significantly. So play and learn, our computer is the objective, best examiner in the world.
We are proposing something new, different from the usual playing of chess for points, places and rankings as in normal tournaments. Or producing chess spam in blitzes.
In ours, to say the least, apart from playing for prizes, you play for immortality. Here, players have the chance, much more than in traditional tournaments, to create a game that will be enjoyed by future generations. Chess immortality, what could be more beautiful for a chess player? Come, play, win.

You are welcome