A chess summit for everyone

Goldchess is a powerful chess learning instrument for everyone. Beginners and advanced chess players. Such chess problems as in the Grandmaster Corner or Chess Miracles Competitions are for good and outstanding chess players. But, everyone can come and try to solve them. And then, with systematic study and work with us, make them outstanding chess players too. Such success is within reach and in the hands of everyone.
Those who teach chess today, including grandmasters, should also come to Goldchess to complete their education and knowledge about chess. Then chess will begin to develop at an unprecedented rate.
Goldchess is a wealth and a mine of new ideas in chess. We do not copy anything or anyone. We are original, pioneering and… unique in the world.

You are welcome

PS. Goldchess is such a less tiring chess. The chess player is given a winning position and is expected to win it.
You don’t have to count variants, you can undo moves, change concepts, game plans and look for new ways to win. The most important thing is to have a flash, a vision of how to start playing and according to it to intuitively lead the attack. This way of playing sharpens a chess player’s analytical skills, which will later pay off in normal tournaments. Without counting variants, we teach a shot at the right idea, choosing the right concept in a particular position.