Goldchess – nothing is simpler

Here is the most important rule of Goldchess:
Always assume that
1. CEEC will make a different or weaker move than the one you expect;
2. CEEC will play the way you want it to play provided that you lure it into doing so.
CEEC likes falling into traps and you should use this information to win a game.

The rule is to play from a given position against our chess computer CEEC. The first thing to do in order to obtain full access is to download from , the Download section , the chess application and activation codes . Then fill in the right forms by entering unlock and serial numbers. For Apple users we have a Wine Bottler application available in the download section. It will let you run CEEC on your computers.
Game selection
*Genius Test and Gold 0 are free games where you don’t need to register and log in. For Genius Test you can download the starting position in the Play Now section and for Gold 0 in the News section. A description of the problem can also be found there. You can send solutions to the problem via email /in a CEEC .pgn file/, to
Players who downloaded a position from Gold 0 via the Play option and „bought” a free Gold 0 game, can save their solutions under the Save tab in Gold 0.

*In the Rosija-America Tournament / prize pool of $50,000/ and Independent Chess Department /prize pool of $25,000/, after you pay the entry fee, you will be enabled to download problems together with descriptions. Solutions can be saved under the relevant -Save- tabs. When playing against the CEEC computer you can reverse your moves and make different ones as many times as you need to find the right solution.
* The first person to send the right solution or to save it under the -Save-tab of his/her game wins /Genius Test, Gold 0/. In Independent, it is not the player who is the first to save or send in a solution but the one with the best time that wins.
Moreover, if the player doesn’t solve a given problem, the solution will be provided under the / Game info or Winners / tab where the player can see how he/she should have played in order to win/
Generally, there are 2 types of solutions, mate /m/ and victory /v/, in which case the computer resigns showing a -resign- message. In the solution file you can also find a position letting you know from which moment the solution starts. For example. m22-pos.12, v20-pos.10.
This is all the knowledge and information needed by the player – the tournament contender.
Should you have other questions or concerns, visit our FAQ section or contact us via email. /
Goldchess Team