Through chess to Eternity

Basically, chess is a game where the one who can see one move ahead of their opponent wins. But it’s too humble and insufficient a definition.

Chess is an immensity of possibilities. Billions of them. If we count only 4 moves in each position at one point we notice with astonishment that a game consisting of barely 15 moves has one billion continuations. Whereas a 20-move game has one thousand billion variants, which is one trillion. Amazing, isn’t it? I need to admit that it is.

However, actually there is no player, even among those most decorated, who would be able to and took into consideration this multiplicity of variants; players always confine themselves to choosing the strongest move out of 4 possible. Usually players predict 3 subsequent moves in a given position. Obviously, a good player can count/predict 6, 7, and sometimes even 10 moves, which could make us conclude that the idea behind playing this game is as follows: in chess the one who predicts one move more than their opponent wins.

Apart from this analytic and accurate counting of moves and variants, which, even though often arduous, always pays off, chess is also about brilliance, introspective insight and a depth of thinking unseen in other fields of sports and entertainment.

Chess is simultaneously an art, philosophy and mastery of meditation.

It’s beauty. The beauty of both chess and the mind. The beauty of visions, conceptions and the virtuosity of gambits and brilliant moves.

Chess is a mirror reflecting people’s character. This game helps to form and build it, correct mistakes and weaknesses; it also sharpens intelligence. Like a good teacher, chess teaches perseverance, achieving goals, go-getting and… creating beauty.

And that’s why, not without a reason, it was once named the King’s Game.

Those chess players who glory in having created games recognized as most beautiful, or brilliant, will pass into Eternity.

Those who still haven’t created such games can fulfill this dream with Goldchess.

Because Goldchess is not only about fun, awards and titles.

For the best, as stated above, it ensures passing into Eternity.

New way…

Goldchess is a new way of chess. We bring a fresh breath to the royal game in our pursuit of beauty and aesthetics. We are a global chess community promoting brilliancy in the game of chess through letting every player discover their inner genius. Goldchess is somewhat like a modern form of solving chess problems which promotes creative ideas, courageous attacks and spectacular sacrifices. By encouraging our participants to be creative and active, we help them develop confidence in their skills and satisfaction with their play, prizes they win, titles they receive and a sense of belonging in the Goldchess community.

Goldchess contributes to the heritage of the royal game by generating a multitude of beautiful games played by everybody. Our products allow every chessplayer to be a part of something extraordinary. The frameworks of our games and money prizes create a unique, unmatched experience, which inspires motivation, competitive spirit and creativity.

We offer a wide variety of products. First of all, we bring back the good habit of awarding beautiful chess games by sponsoring brilliancy prizes in tournaments all around the world. Just recently, we awarded GM Alexander Fier from Brazil for his excellent win over IM Warakomski in the Najdorf Memorial tournament in July 2016. We plan to further award chess players, authors of beautiful games, in many future tournaments.

In most of our games, the participants are instructed to beat the CEEC computer program (educational level, rating of 1800) ELO within a fixed number of moves (or, if possible, faster than the author), while satisfying certain border conditions, such as the solution involving a queen sacrifice, or the checkmate being delivered by a certain piece. One such game, the Gold0, is addressed toward amateur players exclusively. Participation is free of charge. You can try your skills out here and see how you do against other amateur players. We also have a free monthly game, Genius Test (more difficult), with prizes ranging in the hundreds of dollars, and titles of Goldchess Genius.

This week, we are concluding first editions of two tournaments: the Rosija-America Departments Tournament and the Independent Department Tournament. In the former, positions from the match Anand-Gelfand were chosen as tasks to be solved, giving the players a chance to put themselves in the shoes of the World Champion and the Challenger. The fastest participants to submit correct solutions win prizes. This framework is our signature idea.

We will be launching a new product within the next few weeks: Goldchess Express, a quick tournament with a prize pool of $25,000 to be distributed to the winners over a week (5 times $5,000). We now accept entries to the tournament. The price of the license which gives the right to participate is $25. For more information, please check out our webpage

Goldchess World Cup is planned for 2017, with entries already being accepted. If a sufficient number of entries comes before 1st December 2016, the Goldchess World Cup will take place this year. The winner, future Goldchess World Champion, will earn $10,000.

You thought good money prizes in chess were reserved for the top 10 players in the world? That is not true. Without having to leave your house, you can successfully compete and win thousands of dollars at In Goldchess, everybody has equal chances. Join us now! Goldchess Express is waiting for you, and so is the CEEC – just listen to our song.

Try to get the title of Goldchess Genius. The title is reserved for the first 10 players to submit correct solutions to our Genius Test. Among those 10 players, we will draw a prize of $200.
Everybody is welcome to participate!