An interview with Grandmaster Artur Jakubiec

An interview with Grandmaster Artur Jakubiec, a distinguished coach who is presently responsible for the Polish national junior team. The chess team, of course.

They say you have been enraptured by Goldchess-
I won’t deny. The sheer struggle against an educational application, on an amateur level, is exciting. A grandmaster is facing it, and it is not afraid. 🙂
Besides, the idea itself is inventive. I personally really like it. It’s very difficult to create a product that wouldn’t be already present on the market. It’s so… refreshing:). For the royal game, of course.

In the Genius Test, you came up with your own solution, which was equally if not more beautiful than the author’s one. Was that difficult?
A grandmaster will play a specific variant differently against another grandmaster, an international master or an amateur. When playing against an amateur, the grandmaster will have an opportunity – because of the difference of skill levels – to play rougher variants, make some brilliant moves and play spectacular endgames. That will be of benefit both for the chess, and for the grandmaster. To win a Goldchess game, a professional chess player having specific knowledge about chess often has to go beyond that knowledge and improve his or her skills at least in terms of his or her concepts or visionary capabilities. Generally, Goldchess develops the players’ imagination and teaches them how to play beautifully. Because if there is a condition: to capture and to sacrifice the queen, it must be done and something extraordinary needs to be displayed on the board. Which quite often is not that simple.

Your solution to a problem has won an award in Genius Test-
I’m glad about that. It’s an encouragement for me and for others, as it means that we can win and receive awards also when instead of the author’s solution we provide our own solution, which is original and of good quality. That means that anyone can win and receive a prize.

According to your opinion, how will amateurs perform in Goldchess?
Better than professionals. The Goldchess theory seems to be confirmed here. If you want to play Goldchess, put your grandmaster title aside and just start playing chess. Your knowledge and the patterns you are familiar with can only restrain you here. I think that means Goldchess provides equal opportunities for everyone. I watched the Polish Goldchess Championship coverage on the portal. The author said there that if Carlsen himself had appeared on the Championship, he couldn’t have been even 1% sure that he would have solved a problem first and win. And this seems to confirm that.
Therefore, it is a game that may attract masses, just as the Rubik’s cube did. You don’t need to leave your home to play Goldchess, and there are attractive prizes. It’s appealing. Besides, its exciting, and the adrenaline levels are even higher than during common chess tournaments.

So, you will play Goldchess games?
Certainly I will. I’ve received a cooperation proposal from Goldchess, but if there is no conflict of interest, I will play.

Thank you for the interview.