Goldchess International

In February Goldchess will have the Indian Week in the Non Stop Tournament. In March 25 we will organize the Russian Week and the American Week in April. The players form the host countries will receive 50 free licences for the participation in the Non Stop tournament.
In India the licenses will be distributed by our patron GM Vidit Gujrathi, in Russie by the “64” chess magazine and there you should apply for free licenses at licenses will be awarded to first 50 players but if the number of apllicants is significantly bigger we may organize a draw.

Indian week at Goldchess – February 25, the prize pool of $2,500

The Goldchess website has a new patron. It is the talented Indian Grandmaster, the hope of Indian chess, Mr. Vidit Santosh Gujrathi.
To honor him, we will hold an Indian week in February. Vidit will have 50 free licenses for players from India.
The Non Stop Tournament will include problems starting with positions from the Vidit vs Arun Prasad game, and from the game played by the prodigy child from Iran, Alireza Firouzja against Sahaj Grover, who won both Goldchess Tournaments in India. Both those parties were lost by…. the White.
But, Ladies and Gentlemen, at the Goldchess website our Patron is invincible, and in the world of Goldchess prodigy children do not loss, either. I had the pleasure to meet Alireza personally, during the Goldchess Tournament in Yerevan, Armenia.
Therefore, the players will be required to win all the games-problems with the white pieces.
If GM Sahaj Grover takes part in the Tournament, he will have an opportunity to defeat himself, as he will play against his position from the game played against Alireza. Alireza in turn will have an opportunity to see how Grover could be defeated. Although it is not entirely true, as GM Grover makes much stronger moves than CEEC, our chess computer.
Additional tournament
So, the Tournament promises to be quite exciting. But please be advised: if the players fail to solve any of the problems, it will be available for an entire week, after the entry fee and the prize are verified, until it is solved by one of the tournament or new players. However, players from India will have priority as far as prizes are concerned. Only if no Indian player submits a correct solution, the prize will be awarded to a contender from another country, provided, of course, that he or she sends in a correct solution.
Feel invited!

Non Stop 5 – Report

Day of Krystian
Excitement … excitement… for us too! 🙂
This time it was a European week. No players from India or China. Instead, a few brilliant players, among them today’s best Krystian Jacek.
Problem 1: two players submitted author’s solutions, first GM Jasto, time 5:13, second Krystian Jacek 6:33.
Problem 2: only one player, Krystian Jacek. However, without winning the queen, no prize.
Problem 3: first four solutions identical, prize only for the first player, Krystian Jacek
Problem 4: one solution only, but aurhor’s solution: Krystian Jacek
This player truly shows an incredible shape tonight. But will he solve the 5th too?
$1.000 is a nice lump sum for the 5th problem. Here, we need to play the game Wojtaszek-Caruana, and sacrifice the queen. Problem 5: Krystian didn’t make it, didn’t submit any solution. We had, however, three winners here. They all brought something original and beautiful, so I am obliged to award all 3 of them. It is surprising, that 3 distinct solutions were submitted, and the author’s solution is still different from all of those! Beautiful!
The first and the winner, GM Gianni. Synthetic, correct solution to the problem. Unexpected queen sacrifice.
Two distinctions go to: GM Jasto for the nicest solution, the beginning just like the winner, but then forced mate in 7 moves, a truly virtuoso solution.
Sargis Manukya, originality bonus.
And this is it for tonight. We invite everybody to the future editions of our weekly Non Stop tournament!
Problem 2 is still active for players; new license need to be purchased to continue solving this problem.