Goldchess – way to the top

We have written before that there is no chess without Goldchess. Now we have to add even more: Goldchess means knowledge that is indispensable for any chess-player of today. Those who come to know Goldchess and explore its conundrums, increase the level of their skills and as a consequence rapidly advance to the group of world’s top players aiming to dominate the game in the nearest future. We dare to forecast that if a Goldchess contender takes part in a match for the world championship, that candidate would defeat severely any other rival challenging the title. Without Goldchess background one cannot be a decent chess player anymore. The knowledge of Goldchess constitutes an invaluable complement to chess-playing education.
Goldchess means the techniques of future. Our games teach and bring you one level up. We have excellent examples to prove it on our Goldchess portal: visit our We Learn Goldchess, Featured Games or Genius Test Winners tabs. December GT problem provides an excellent paragon of chess-playing genius, not only at Goldchess but in general. Just 6 moves to make and nobody manages to win the game in several days. The task includes one move which would make Capablanka himself burst with pride. Or Fisher, Tal, Carles and many other grandmasters, the most important names in the world of chess. Therefore let us learn Goldchess, because in few years one cannot become a skilled chess player without knowing Goldchess. If you want to be good at it, start today!
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