Goldchess – a stress-free world

Goldchess is a new formula, a new way for chess. This means that here everyone starts from scratch and has the same chance of winning. In order to acquire the required skills and win the title of a Goldchess grandmaster, prize-winning players, Grandmasters, International Masters and National Masters must follow exactly the same path as a beginning amateur. And it cannot be taken for granted that they will cover it faster than the beginner. So far, there is only one Goldchess grandmaster – Alex Nurijanyan, 17, from Armenia, Fide Elo 1675.
Several Grandmasters from that country took part in the Millionaire tournament, but they did not succeed. The tournament was won by young, practiced Goldchess players who know how to defeat our application, which is an opponent greedy for pieces and pawns. The knowledge of this mannerism of the CEEC allows an experienced player to play a risky variation including piece sacrifice. And if the piece is captured – which in this case is certain – a possibility to checkmate the opponent will arise. So, it is not chess playing skills that is most important in Goldchess, but psychology, understood – as we have already stated in a different article – as an ability to find a way to win against CEEC.
Moreover, as everyone needs to start from scratch, Grandmasters are not flocking into Goldchess, because what fun would it be to start as an amateur?? But thanks to that Goldchess provides large numbers of average and amateur players who do not belong to the elites with a possibility to win considerable prizes . We need to remember that all the problems are actually prepared by an amateur who formally plays on the category II level. Because it is mainly imagination that decides about success in Goldchess. In addition, as we have already mentioned, Goldchess provides a luxury of stress-free playing. You can freely undo moves and look for other variations. CEEC will not become offended or call an arbiter. No stress. Only in Goldchess.
Log on, play and win!