Goldchess. Outer Space and FB

I am from the world of chess, representing a species of people with profound and in-depth thinking. And I would like to convey to everyone, especially to chess players, what I have observed. FB makes people shallow. It fosters superficiality. And worst of all, people mostly do not realize it and do not notice it. I have noticed it. People, if they like something, even if it is only intuitively, limit themselves to click on “like” and everything ends there. Generally they do not know exactly what they “liked”. Example: I introduce the chess players to a novelty: Goldchess, a new way of chess, which contains a variety of different components. Among other things: the Live (chess) Puzzle game. People look at it and click their “likes”. Naturally, I imagine that when they clicked “like”, they would also click on the link, enter the site and solve the problem waiting there, as Live Puzzle, although it offers prizes of US$ 250 in total, is a free game and anyone can win. However, nothing like that happens. Someone clicks a “like” on Live Puzzle and nothing else follows, there is no further sequence. The “liking” person does not enter the site, does not read the contents, does not give it a try, does not send in a solution and does not win the prize. Just a superficial reaction.
Goldchess can be compared with the flights to the outer space. Someone passes by – say, a travel agency – where he or she can get a free ticket for a flight, clicks “like” and goes away. Never flies anywhere, never takes up an opportunity, never comes to know anything. Does he or she lose something? Certainly, yes. But the opportunity still awaits there. A chance to go back, take a ticket and fly. So, give up the superficiality and recover yourself. The fun of knowing Goldchess for a chess player is nothing less than a flight to another galaxy. Check it out for yourself.