Chess is art. Goldchess – Art within Art

After two editions of the Millionaire tournament we noticed with an astonishment that chess players treated the prizes with disbelief and the tournament itself as an abstraction which lead them not to play it. We would like to clarify that. The Millionaire tournament with one million participants is not an abstraction, it’s a reality show which will be carried out in the next 2 years. In the meantime, we will be organising national tournaments from the Challenge series, open, however, to players from all around the world, in cooperation with the best organisers from these countries. When it comes to prizes, we also want to be straightforward. The $400.000 prize pool is just an introduction, we’ll give it to 20.000 participants. Under the tab named –Results– it is said that:
Millionaire tournament, with a prize pool of $400.000, guaranteed for 20.000 participants. For one thousand participants, the prize pool is $20.000. Below 1000, at the discretion of Goldchess.
So, the tournament is actually real, only the prizes change and as money does not grow on trees, the prize pool with fewer participants is smaller. Virtually everyone can play in the Millionaire tournament as Goldchess means tournaments of equal chances. On our website, there are no favoured players like in the traditional tournaments, moreover, they do not have a monopoly on winning. Players who are first to defeat our educational computer in a given way are the winners.

An amateur without ranking or a player with a ranking of 1400 may always win. Such situation took place in India, you may read about it under the–Window on the world– tag, and there are plenty of examples of it happening.

So, incredible prizes and equal chances for everybody is what Goldchess is all about. And there’s even more. In Goldchess, we give you the opportunity to create your own beautiful games which together with you, their creators, will go down in the history of chess. Do you want to gain fame and chess immortality? Play our game. Goldchess is all about fun with a thrill of adrenaline which does not involve stress.

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Armenia at the top

In Germany, when it comes to the evaluation of car brands, there is a certain saying: “First there is Mercedes, then a huge gap after it, and then finally there is Audi.” In our game, Goldchess, we may say that the best chess players are from Armenia, then a huge gap after them, and then finally there is Poland and Polish players. The current problems included in two diagrams available for free playing and still with prizes for the winners, constituting the Goldchess version of Andersen Immortal Game and agame prepared by a Polish player, Przemek – ranked 1400, in which there are brilliant variants, nobody but Armenians has sent in solutions. Players from Israel, India, Russia, the US, Spain and Spanish-speaking countries, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Germany (the top ten) are either out of shape or simply can’t cope with our computer? What surprises us the most is the lack of success of players from Russia or India which are known to be chess powers. So it seems that the rest of the players can’t handle playing with a computer which only operates an educational software, the fact we alwayswant to emphasize. A computer that after all has to be defeated. Although there are some more difficult tasks, generally it is easy to win, but you have to learn and practice by playing our game. The fact that someone is a good chess player means nothing in Goldchess. Goldchess is a new formula, modern chess and the lack of Goldchess knowledge in chess education is the main reason standing behind the lack of success. In other words, someone who does not learn English will not speak it. In a chess tournament, a player who has some debut shortcomings will be able to play only the debuts that he or she knows. In Goldchess, without knowledge of Goldchess techniques, there is no winning opportunity, even for those who hold a title of a grandmaster. Practical knowledge of Goldchess will soon become an obligatory element of general chess knowledge. As we have already stated in another article, those chess players who will learn and master Goldchess techniques will be difficult to defeat and will prove to be better than others. Do you want to join the best? Explore Goldchess.
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Hats off! Part II

There is a sentence in the main article which offended one (sic!) reader who also happens to be a chess player. Namely: “In other words, the truth is that it is backyard style chess, not to say checkers, that won the competition.” I would like to clarify this. I wrote this statement, as it quite often happens, in a “spur of the moment.” But let’s start from the beginning. The rules of the championship were thoughtlessly constructed or, to say the least, constructed in an unfortunate way. There is a rule that in the event of a draw in the main match and in the following ones, both players should play rapid chess first, then lightning chess, and when there is still a draw, they should proceed to Armageddon. And what is Armageddon, you ask. When it comes to checkers, a trivial game in comparison to chess, you need ¼ or even one tenth of thinking that you do in a chess play. During Armageddon you simply do not think at all. You play according to what you see, guided by intuition, routine and encoded scheme. Those games are full of mistakes and overlooks on both sides and the level is non-existent, amateur and backyard-like. That is one horrendous distortion and caricature of chess. If this option were to happen, the title would be a matter of chance, coincidence and, to put it mildly, worthless.
I wrote that statement with these thoughts in mind. So with all due respect for rapid and lightning chess, the sentence should go like this: It’s good that the Armageddon option didn’t happen because in this way the backyard style, not to say checkers, whichever you prefer, would have won the competition. A very interesting concept proposed in a comment of one of our readers is that in the event of a draw in the main match, the victory and the title should be awarded to the contender. Up to now it was exactly the opposite. And I approve this idea. Such a different concept would cause that the world champion would have to practically prove that he deserves to keep his title. And a draw means that he loses both his crown and title.
I’m all for it but everything is, naturally, in the hands of FIDE. However, it is rather hard to expect anything reasonable coming from them, if such masterminds as the one who created the rules are at the controls there. Unless maybe something has changed after the election. 🙂