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In general, every lost game can be won from a certain position. And Goldchess teaches that. We have dozens of such games, lost by top class chess players, because the world champions that we turned into winners in Goldchess.
In Goldchess, players learn modern chess and discover new techniques. They simply improve their skills. Here is our prediction: in a few years’ time, those chess players who know the Goldchess techniques and who gained the Goldchess knowledge will play better than others and surely will be among global leaders.
We live in the age of creation of Alpha 0 whose chess style enchanted even the grandmasters. In their sincere and self-critical opinion – we, in comparison to Alpha, play rather boring chess.
In this regard, even the world champion Carlsen doesn’t play interesting chess. So, why can’t anyone beat him (for now)?
Because all the strongest players adapt to his playing style, that’s why. He’s simply the best in it and others have no style, like that of Morphy, Tal or Alpha 0.
Goldchess is like a return of Morphy and Tal to the 21stcentury. I’ll repeat my question: why can’t anyone win against Carlsen at the moment?
Let’s reverse the situation and take a look at the last game. Carlsen’s chess style didn’t win against Caruana.
Carlsen won thanks to a hat-trick – by betting on surviving in the main game and winning in speed chess in the overtime. In order to defend his title, he relied on speed chess, which is less valuable because a slowly thinking player pressured by time is less precise, makes mistakes and, as a result, loses. Time is, therefore, the only factor. Speed chess does not indicate a genuinely better player. A player who is not worse than the other, or maybe is even better than him, but thinks analytically and slowly is destined to lose in speed chess.
What is Carlsen’s style? Above all, I would accuse him of playing amateur chess. At least in some moments. Let me give you an example. The second part of the game, Carlsen goes for 14.a4, a seemingly solid and down-to-earth move but, according to the Goldchess analyst, completely wrong for this position. Any player from a random village who plays a tournament in a local parish club would definitely figure it out, and even a player at the 1500 level or an intelligent amateur without ranking will move like that with no problem whatsoever. The conclusion is simple. This is a move on an amateur level and not at the level of the world champion. In Goldchess, we’ve found a different move and a brilliant, winning variant. Goldchess presents a different type of chess. It restores and gives you a modernized idea of the styles of Morphy and Tal; it’s an introduction to the world of Alpha 0 and the chess of the 22nd century. If you want to improve and play better, you should give Goldchess a try.
Of course, our amateur, the creator of the Goldchess game, will not win in a direct game against Carlsen. But, on the other hand, Carlsen would not win many of the positions against the educational computer that our amateur has already won. And out of 10.000 game-tasks in Goldchess that you have to win from a given position, we have 9900 easy and 100 extremely difficult ones which may bring not only Carlsen but also global leaders, all living world champions and grandmasters from the level of over 2700 Elo to their knees. And sooner or later, such a game will take place. Goldchess will prove that chess is great and that the best masters of today still don’t know everything about it.
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