Goldchess – our place in the world of chess

In the world there are 200 top chess players (2600+) and dozens of millions of others. So, let the best players play their own chess amongst them. Goldchess is for the other millions. However, if one of the top players visits Goldchess, something extraordinary and unpredictable happens.He or she loses the crown and is no longer a top chess player, but disappears into the crowd. At Goldchess, their skills turn out to be insufficient for beating our educational computer better and faster than the other players, including amateurs. That is what makes Goldchess something extraordinary. A worldwide phenomenon.

Goldchess is a platform for learning new techniques and for honing one’s skills. Playing against CEEC, our educational computer, will help millions of chess players to learn new techniques, improve their skills, save difficult positions, and generally win chess games in the brilliant Goldchess style.

There are many chess portals on the Internet where one can play chess and gain chess knowledge. But all of them generally offer the same knowledge, whereas we provide our own – fresh, virgin and new. At there are chess tournaments and games, 4-diagram chess puzzles with high prizes and with different difficulty levels, for amateurs and for the best players. With us you can learn how to play. You can pay an entry fee and play for great prizes in our tournaments, or you can compete for free for smaller ones. The current hit is the Daily tournament. It is held every day, and the best player wins $50. One game-one prize-one winner.
On our website you can also play against a friend from any continent, or against a real Master. Goldchess will train you to play beautiful chess. Goldchess is fun.
All you need to do is to register, log on and download our free application, which will be your opponent. With us you will get to know true and beautiful chess.Join us!

In our opinion
Blitz is fun. But it profanes chess. In our opinion blitz is chess for horse cart drivers. Tick-tock, tick-tock. Playing blitz chess, particularly on lichess and on, is a sheer waste of time. Blitz games are weak, contain many errors, and actually bring nothing new to the game. Which means they are worthless. They are played only for the purpose of killing time, and not for improving one’s skills. Of course, blitz games can also be beautiful. But as they are not recorded, they go unnoticed and disappear once and for all. This is not true of Goldchess. Our philosophy and ambitions are different. Here players win attractive prizes, games are recorded, and the most beautiful of them will become a part of the history of chess.Just as the names of their creators who played them.
Join us!

Why do ‘strong’ chess engines fail to come up with our solutions?

So far we have carried out many tests with chess engines, but all of them involved only one engine at a time. Now we have tested three of them. In the test game starting from a position after 20 moves we win on move 29.

Starting from the said position and playing directly against CEEC, each of the chess engines, that is Houdini, Komodo and Stockfish, played the same variation and won only on move 34. The victory was a nice one, but weaker by 5 moves than the Goldchess solution. In addition, the fact that the engines played an identical variation shows that they use very similar algorithms which… do not go above level 5. Conclusion? The chess knowledge has come to a standstill. It is not broadened anymore. A new stimulus is needed. And here comes Goldchess, which has cut through the magical hoop of the fifth circle, and has shown the further road and direction for development. If we agree to assume that the entire chess knowledge gathered and present in the Universe stands for level 10, we are halfway to mastering it. With Goldchess, we can continue the journey.

Summary. Now you probably understand why the Stockfish, Houdini and Komodo engines fail to solve our chess problems. They lack the sufficient knowledge and therefore skills. They do not know Goldchess or our techniques, so the outcome can be no different. They play their level 5 chess variations, just as the entire population of chess players, and Goldchess is already on level 6. Different playing techniques and methods. Different evaluation of the strongest move and different vision of attack. Of course, our model variations are on the level of CEEC defending a position, but 90% of chess players play just as CEEC or are even weaker! Therefore, in the first stage it is knowledge and a great opportunity for them precisely. Each of them, if they learn and master our techniques, may become the leader of their group in a tournament and get into the first ten! – The ablest will reach for medals. In addition, we expect, or even more – we are actually sure that  masters with ratings above 2,700, as well as other talented players will use and develop our knowledge. They will improve our techniques and will create Goldchess of a higher level – 7 or maybe even 8. And that will enable them to reach the top. Now, in this light the book title, which was originally chosen intuitively, seems to be spot-on and fully justified. “Goldchess – Way to the Top“. Sic! A road for all. For millions of chess players who will learn and master the knowledge contained in the book.