Tournament of Truth

Ladies and Gentlemen, this day has finally come!
A Black Day for Non-Stop Tournament – the Thirteenth Edition!

5 immortal Goldchess games! Prize pool of US$5000!
Game 5 – US$3000!!! Registration fee only US$10!!!.
Why only ten? We don’t want you to regret the wasted money too much. Because we think that nobody gets any of the problems solved. ———————————-
Despite having claimed the above, actually 4 problems – excluding the fifth game – are within the players’ reach. The Problem no. 5 will take chess players 600 years to solve and computers will do the job 3 days before the Kingdom Come.:)
13th Edition. On 1 of April. It’s not about All Fools’ Day. We are serious.
Do not feel invited. In this edition everyone plays at their own risk
Goldchess Team