Millionaire – Announcement 1

Announcing the tournament for a million of chess players to be held in April 2018 we have made things difficult for us and for the potential participants alike. In the period scheduled for paying registration fees, from 2 January 2018 till 31 March 2018 ten thousand chess players would have to register each day in order to get a million of them ready for the tournament in one hundred days. It seems almost impossible to us, therefore we extend this period. You may pay your registration fee starting from 22 September 2017.
Every chess player will have 9 months to prepare. You need to practice playing with CEEC, taking free games or participating in our tournaments. When we talk to chess players, many of them say that the prizes (top 5 – US$ 150,000) that have never been offered in any tournament in the world before and the titles are important, but the most exciting would be the satisfaction of winning against a million chess players!
Here we will add that there is also a great fun just to play with a million of rivals.
However, whether there will be a million of them as planned or not, this does not depend on us, only on the chess players themselves.
Just remember that for the millionth participant, we are going to have a special prize – a car. If the turnout for the tournament will not reach a million, we will draw that prize among the first one ten thousand registered players. If we do not reach even 10,000, we won’t have any problem, because probably there will not be any car to win.
But if million participants are really registered, I can tell you that the prizes for winning the games will be a lot higher, and in the final game there will be half a million dollars at stake!
Now go and practice your chess skills.
One more thing. If the turnout meets the expectations, the Millionaire tournament shall become a highlight in the history of chess, bringing fame to all its participants, especially the winners.
What can we add more?
Napoleon, when addressing his troops under the Egyptian pyramids, before the battle of Embabeh, trying to summon their pride and bravery, said: Soldiers, forty centuries are looking down upon you!
We do not aspire to match Bonaparte and we tend to be more modest, yet with all due respect we can paraphrase his words in our way: Chess players! Twenty three centuries are looking down upon you! (The number comes from the army of King Poros around 327 BC – which served as a model for the original chess game)

And feel invited for the tournament.