The Idea of Goldchess

The Goldchess philosophy is simple. Make chess big on a world scale and give them the importance they deserve. The chess world is powerful and rich in itself, it does not have to bow down to any sponsors so that there is money for rewards and organization. 400 million chess players worldwide and over 50 million. registered on chess portals around the world are a force that can do everything if it unites. Today, Goldchess portal is the platform for unification, which has the world’s only possibility of running tournaments with a million and more participants, which translates into the highest attractiveness and prize pools in millions of dollars. Of course, as in each tournament, the main prizes will be won only by those who win the first places, but all the chess players, professionals and amateurs, each of 50 million registered on chessboard players’ portals, have equal chances. Are you registered? Do not wait, buy in to the Millionaire tournament, because a beautiful car, the A-class Mercedes, will be drawn only among the first 10,000 participants who paid the entry fee. And besides, you have the chance to win one of the main prizes, or even one of many additional, (see information on the site – Results).
The Millionaire tournament in which we would like to see one million chess players in April will take place, regardless of the number of participants. Maybe with smaller prizes, if there is not a minimum of players, but it will take place.
Goldchess team
PS. All other chess portals in the world have similar products and tournaments. We have quite different, that’s why all chess players can play without a problem, with them and with us.