Goldchess Inspiration

We are organizing a Millionaire tournament, which will be a worldwide hit. We invite millions of chess players to join us. With Goldchess we are opening a new chapter in the history of chess.
We are changing the nature of chess. Goldchess is not only fun with chess. We are contributing to the world chess achievements thousands of beautiful games, innovative, unknown solutions, attacks and combinations. We want Goldchess to become a recognized branch of chess, just as solving is.And we will submit a relevant request to FIDE.
Goldchess can make chess super attractive for media and much more popular than it is now.
Goldchess is the future of chess. Millions of players competing in tournaments.
Prize pools worth millions of dollars. Everyone having the same chance.

Goldchess inspires. It teaches how to play efficiently and beautifully.
A complete novelty! Play and learn already now to win the Millionaire tournament later.