Goldchess curiosities

Evolution of solutions in Hunt 5,6,7, and 8
Requirements: victory in 34 moves, with capturing the queen.
All the games have been shown under -Winners- the Hunt game.

Hunt 5, position after 18 moves. One solution incorrect, checkmate in 35th move. Since we decided that finding the author’s variation with sacrifice of the knight was too difficult, we showed the sacrifice and the next position is after 22 moves.
Hunt 6 – a player from Armenia solved the problem, but the solution did not belong to the same class as the author’s one. To provide a hint on the author’s solution and to exclude this specific variation, in Hunt 7 we present a position after 23 moves.
Hunt 7 – unexpectedly a 13-year-old player submitted a dual solution, which means a variation other than the author’s one. Victory in 33 moves, the requirement has been met, the queen has been captured. And this means a misfire – an inaccurate position. So, another modification to exclude also this variation. We have added some moves. Position in Hunt 8 after 28 moves.
Hunt 8. And this position stopped the players short. Formally, only 6 moves were to be moved. We have added a total number of 10 moves to the initial position. It should be easier, but it is more difficult. And this is the specific character of Goldchess. Starting from the position after 18 moves, the problem was very difficult due to the sacrifice of a knight, which was difficult to find. Then, after 22 and 23 moves it was easier, but after 28 moves it became so hard that no player managed to solve the problem. Now I may let you in on the secret – this is a Genius type problem.
It contains a move that will bring you to your knees. Beauty and artistry of chess. This is Goldchess.
Goldchess team