First edition of the Non Stop Tournament in 2017

Outstanding problems, thrilling emotions. The players managed to solve only 1 out of 5 problems. They did not provide any solution identical with the author’s one, although for problem 3 they submitted a solution better than the one devised by the author. But one thing at a time. Game 1, time: 10 minutes, two solutions. Problem: capture the queen in the 15th move. The first solution was a witty one. The player (IM) captured the queen one move earlier – in the 14th one – but was checkmated in the 15th move. . The problem can be found amongst the featured solutions as an example of brilliant play by… our computer.  For the player – a consolation prize of $50.
Problem 2, time: 10 minutes, 2 solutions, both with time-out, provided after the lapse of the set time. One of them was bad, v21, the other one was better, but late. Oh, excuse me. There is also a third one, with a time of 1 hour 47 seconds. Timeout. Knockout. 
Problem 3 was the only one where the players showed some skill. Although no solution identical with the author’s one was submitted, there were 4 other solutions. One was handed in after the lapse of the time limit, three received some token prizes. The games are available in Winners-Non1-3, 2017.
Problem 4, time: 15 minutes, one solution, checkmate in the 34th move. Not to the point, as the task was as follows: win in the 30th move and time-out, time: 21 minutes.
Problem 5. The same position, as in problem 4, but a checkmate with a pawn in the 31st move is required to win. Nobody submitted a solution, although the time limit for this problem was the longest one – half an hour. The prize was $100, and we also proposed that the player submitting a correct solution would receive ANY title he or she wanted.
Those of you who have read carefully our announcements know that the last Non Stop Tournament in 2016 was unlucky for the players. The beginning of the new year was similar. Is that a temporary slump in form? Or do we need some new strength, talented players, amateurs and professionals?
Therefore, we invite you to take part on 14 January in the 2nd Edition of the Non Stop Tournament, and to play our free games – Genius Test, Gold 0 ( for players not older than 16), and Grandmaster Corner, for Grandmasters, with a prize of $1,000.
Best greetings,
Goldchess team