Non Stop 3 Tournament – a short account.

The results were generally poor. Maybe that’s because players from India, USA and Russia did not take part?
Problems 1 (with a prize of $300), 2 and 3 (2 x $150) were interconnected.The first problem was to capture the queen in the 20th move, and that solution was the key to problems 2 and 3, as they required the players to win in 29 moves and to checkmate in the 33th move, starting from the position which was the solution to problem 1.
However, nobody provided the author’s solution to problem No. 1, so there was no “continuation” in solving problems 2 and 3.
At the same time it turned out that the players submit solutions that simply “come out”.
Problem 1 – the unquestionable winner was LevonHambardzumyan.That 19 years old player from Armenia was the quickest to capture the queen. He did that in the 18th move.
Problem 2 – the winner was GM Jasto, who won in the 20th move (the shortest solution) after capturing the queen.
Problem 3 – no winner.Here the drawback of solutions other than the author’s one became apparent.The players submitted checkmates in 28, 27, and 26 moves.But after a Goldchess revision which revealed in one of those solutions a checkmate in the 23th move, all the solutions were rejected.That was done in accordance with the Goldchess Rules and Regulations.
Problem 4 – that was a very difficult one, not solved in other games. Nobody submitted a solution.
Problem 5 – a single solution, different than the author’s one, was submitted.It was a correct one.Nevertheless, as it was not a solution identical with the author’s one, and after a comparison with the quality of the author’s solution, the prize was reduced to $150.
Solutions other than the author’s one are not always worse.If they are better, we admit that and award a prize.Even double ones, as in Gold 0 Problem 3, where we awarded the Super Genius title and, of our own volition, a double prize.Check out that solution by Hayk Yeritsyan and you will understand at once what is most important and valuable for Goldchess.
To sum up, in this Non Stop 3 edition the players won only $375 out of a pool of $2100.You must admit that it’s not an impressive result.But we need to look into the future with optimism.Things will become better.And that’s what we wish you.Sincerely, as Goldchess is about the fun of creating the beauty of chess, and we want you to create it with us and win.
Goldchess team