Hats off!

Goldchess comments:
And here we have our new yet old world champion. As a matter of fact, the match ended in the fast chessformula limited to three games. And the truth is that Carlsen should be given the title of the world champion, however, only in rapid chess. In which he actually won that title. Naturally, it could have also been decided that in the event of a draw in the main match the title of the Universal World Champion would remain with Carlsen.
Allowing this situation is, undoubtedly, a mistake and the fault of Caruana who could not win even a single game in the main match. During the match he should have been aware that he had to win at least one of the 12 rounds because in the tie-break, that is in speed chess, Carlsen surely would prove to be better than him. On the other hand, Carlsen did not turn out to be a titan either as he was not able to win against Caruana in the regular match.
I supported Carlsen but, in my opinion, he owes his victory to the fact that he chose a soft option and truly took the line of least resistance. In other words, the truth is that it is backyard style chess, not to say checkers, that won the competition. Oh well, at least he has the title and crown, right? So, hats off to the new world champion.