Goldchess Inspiration

We are organizing a Millionaire tournament, which will be a worldwide hit. We invite millions of chess players to join us. With Goldchess we are opening a new chapter in the history of chess.
We are changing the nature of chess. Goldchess is not only fun with chess. We are contributing to the world chess achievements thousands of beautiful games, innovative, unknown solutions, attacks and combinations. We want Goldchess to become a recognized branch of chess, just as solving is.And we will submit a relevant request to FIDE.
Goldchess can make chess super attractive for media and much more popular than it is now.
Goldchess is the future of chess. Millions of players competing in tournaments.
Prize pools worth millions of dollars. Everyone having the same chance.

Goldchess inspires. It teaches how to play efficiently and beautifully.
A complete novelty! Play and learn already now to win the Millionaire tournament later.

Bobby Fischer Tournament – traditional & online

For the American Internal Revenue Service Bobby Fischer is an ungrateful payer who evaded taxation.(The IRS fought for Fischer’s inheritance worth $ 2 million, but a court in Reykjavík decided to award it to his wife).There is a common saying according to which there are two things in life you cannot avoid: death and taxes.Fischer proved a half of it is not true.
For the American judiciary in turn Robert was a criminal who by means of playing a match against Spassky broke the laws of the USA which at that time imposed economic sanctions on Russia because of its involvement in the war in Bosnia.Heartless and mindless officials were incapable of understanding and respecting the fact that chess is a free and independent game beyond the dirty mess of politics, with which it should not be mixed up.

Finally, for chess players from the USA and from all over the world Robert James Fischer is an Icon, and a chess genius.To commemorate him, we will hold a stationary and online Bobby Fischer Tournament in the USA or, alternatively, in Reykjavík, Iceland.It will be available not only to 1,000 players (as we plan) who will play in the tournament room, but also to an unlimited number of players from all over the world, who will have a possibility to take part in it via the web site.The contestants will be expected to solve problems based on positions from Bobby’s games, chess gems made by Goldchess in which we tried to preserve the style and brilliance of Fischer’s playing.Anyone can commemorate him and play in our tournament.It is planned for November or December 2018, or for 17 January 2019, which will be 11th anniversary of Fischer’s death.The prize pool will be at least $5,000.The final amount of the prize pool, which will depend on the number of participants, will be published 3 days before the commencement of the Tournament. We hope numerous players will become interested in participation.

Goldchess – a chance for immortality

Chess got lost a bit. When I look at those chess tournaments, games for masses, where everyone treats others as rivals, those fights for points, rankings, winners, everything is so limited, so narrowed down to a sort of an athletic competition. All of that makes little sense.
Ok, the tournament was organized, 1000 games were played. The question is, how many of them deserve to be remembered, admired, honored, and immortalized? How many of them will make the history of chess? What is the contribution of the players of a particular tournament to the legacy of chess heritage? If there is no such contribution whatsoever, why did this tournament take place at all? Couldn’t they just play some leg games under the table? Intellectually, it would do as much difference.
In Goldchess, this style of tournament fades away and practically does not exist. The most important thing is creativity, creating a game that will live forever. Shown after 100 or 1000 years from now, it will still amaze the spectators. And we reward players for such games.
Goldchess is a change. With us – you create. There is no tension and stress in the tournament, there is a looseness, providing psychological comfort and allowing the creation of beautiful combinations. Because creating beauty is the most important thing at Goldchess. Each chess player should leave something behind. Goldchess makes it possible. Here you will create your own chess masterpiece and gain chess immortality.

Goldchess – a pass to eternity.

Feel free to join us.

Goldchess. Outer Space and FB

I am from the world of chess, representing a species of people with profound and in-depth thinking. And I would like to convey to everyone, especially to chess players, what I have observed. FB makes people shallow. It fosters superficiality. And worst of all, people mostly do not realize it and do not notice it. I have noticed it. People, if they like something, even if it is only intuitively, limit themselves to click on “like” and everything ends there. Generally they do not know exactly what they “liked”. Example: I introduce the chess players to a novelty: Goldchess, a new way of chess, which contains a variety of different components. Among other things: the Live (chess) Puzzle game. People look at it and click their “likes”. Naturally, I imagine that when they clicked “like”, they would also click on the link, enter the site and solve the problem waiting there, as Live Puzzle, although it offers prizes of US$ 250 in total, is a free game and anyone can win. However, nothing like that happens. Someone clicks a “like” on Live Puzzle and nothing else follows, there is no further sequence. The “liking” person does not enter the site, does not read the contents, does not give it a try, does not send in a solution and does not win the prize. Just a superficial reaction.
Goldchess can be compared with the flights to the outer space. Someone passes by – say, a travel agency – where he or she can get a free ticket for a flight, clicks “like” and goes away. Never flies anywhere, never takes up an opportunity, never comes to know anything. Does he or she lose something? Certainly, yes. But the opportunity still awaits there. A chance to go back, take a ticket and fly. So, give up the superficiality and recover yourself. The fun of knowing Goldchess for a chess player is nothing less than a flight to another galaxy. Check it out for yourself.

Goldchess – a stress-free world

Goldchess is a new formula, a new way for chess. This means that here everyone starts from scratch and has the same chance of winning. In order to acquire the required skills and win the title of a Goldchess grandmaster, prize-winning players, Grandmasters, International Masters and National Masters must follow exactly the same path as a beginning amateur. And it cannot be taken for granted that they will cover it faster than the beginner. So far, there is only one Goldchess grandmaster – Alex Nurijanyan, 17, from Armenia, Fide Elo 1675.
Several Grandmasters from that country took part in the Millionaire tournament, but they did not succeed. The tournament was won by young, practiced Goldchess players who know how to defeat our application, which is an opponent greedy for pieces and pawns. The knowledge of this mannerism of the CEEC allows an experienced player to play a risky variation including piece sacrifice. And if the piece is captured – which in this case is certain – a possibility to checkmate the opponent will arise. So, it is not chess playing skills that is most important in Goldchess, but psychology, understood – as we have already stated in a different article – as an ability to find a way to win against CEEC.
Moreover, as everyone needs to start from scratch, Grandmasters are not flocking into Goldchess, because what fun would it be to start as an amateur?? But thanks to that Goldchess provides large numbers of average and amateur players who do not belong to the elites with a possibility to win considerable prizes . We need to remember that all the problems are actually prepared by an amateur who formally plays on the category II level. Because it is mainly imagination that decides about success in Goldchess. In addition, as we have already mentioned, Goldchess provides a luxury of stress-free playing. You can freely undo moves and look for other variations. CEEC will not become offended or call an arbiter. No stress. Only in Goldchess.
Log on, play and win!

Visits to Goldchess 2

yesterday 42 of France entered and 98% of discards. some total fools from this France?

For a change, in the forefront of rational countries, with intellectual potential, they are in order:
1. Poland
2. Armenia
3. India
4. Russia
5. Spain
6. US
7. Canada
8. Ukraine
9. Turkey
10. United Arab Emirates
The others, in the moron-serious brain defect classification. 🙂
100% discards, “Leaders”:
1. United Kingdom
2. Greece
3. Azerbaijan
4. Brazil
5. Indonesia
6. Bulgaria
7. Switzerland
8. France
9. Iran
10. Italy
Congratulations 🙂

Visits to Goldchess

Entrances to our chess portal – 100% discards (commentary: total brainless)
-2018-03-28 a show of Russia. 88% discards, Azerbaijan and Sri Lanka (95%), Slovakia-97%, plus Turkey, Romania and Latvia 90% each. Malaysia, Canada, China, 100%. Welcome to the group of mentally handicapped people. 🙁

The Idea of Goldchess

The Goldchess philosophy is simple. Make chess big on a world scale and give them the importance they deserve. The chess world is powerful and rich in itself, it does not have to bow down to any sponsors so that there is money for rewards and organization. 400 million chess players worldwide and over 50 million. registered on chess portals around the world are a force that can do everything if it unites. Today, Goldchess portal is the platform for unification, which has the world’s only possibility of running tournaments with a million and more participants, which translates into the highest attractiveness and prize pools in millions of dollars. Of course, as in each tournament, the main prizes will be won only by those who win the first places, but all the chess players, professionals and amateurs, each of 50 million registered on chessboard players’ portals, have equal chances. Are you registered? Do not wait, buy in to the Millionaire tournament, because a beautiful car, the A-class Mercedes, will be drawn only among the first 10,000 participants who paid the entry fee. And besides, you have the chance to win one of the main prizes, or even one of many additional, (see information on the site – Results).
The Millionaire tournament in which we would like to see one million chess players in April will take place, regardless of the number of participants. Maybe with smaller prizes, if there is not a minimum of players, but it will take place.
Goldchess team
PS. All other chess portals in the world have similar products and tournaments. We have quite different, that’s why all chess players can play without a problem, with them and with us.

Goldchess – way to the top

We have written before that there is no chess without Goldchess. Now we have to add even more: Goldchess means knowledge that is indispensable for any chess-player of today. Those who come to know Goldchess and explore its conundrums, increase the level of their skills and as a consequence rapidly advance to the group of world’s top players aiming to dominate the game in the nearest future. We dare to forecast that if a Goldchess contender takes part in a match for the world championship, that candidate would defeat severely any other rival challenging the title. Without Goldchess background one cannot be a decent chess player anymore. The knowledge of Goldchess constitutes an invaluable complement to chess-playing education.
Goldchess means the techniques of future. Our games teach and bring you one level up. We have excellent examples to prove it on our Goldchess portal: visit our We Learn Goldchess, Featured Games or Genius Test Winners tabs. December GT problem provides an excellent paragon of chess-playing genius, not only at Goldchess but in general. Just 6 moves to make and nobody manages to win the game in several days. The task includes one move which would make Capablanka himself burst with pride. Or Fisher, Tal, Carles and many other grandmasters, the most important names in the world of chess. Therefore let us learn Goldchess, because in few years one cannot become a skilled chess player without knowing Goldchess. If you want to be good at it, start today!
Feel invited.