Millionaire – Announcement 1

Announcing the tournament for a million of chess players to be held in April 2018 we have made things difficult for us and for the potential participants alike. In the period scheduled for paying registration fees, from 2 January 2018 till 31 March 2018 ten thousand chess players would have to register each day in order to get a million of them ready for the tournament in one hundred days. It seems almost impossible to us, therefore we extend this period. You may pay your registration fee starting from 22 September 2017.
Every chess player will have 9 months to prepare. You need to practice playing with CEEC, taking free games or participating in our tournaments. When we talk to chess players, many of them say that the prizes (top 5 – US$ 150,000) that have never been offered in any tournament in the world before and the titles are important, but the most exciting would be the satisfaction of winning against a million chess players!
Here we will add that there is also a great fun just to play with a million of rivals.
However, whether there will be a million of them as planned or not, this does not depend on us, only on the chess players themselves.
Just remember that for the millionth participant, we are going to have a special prize – a car. If the turnout for the tournament will not reach a million, we will draw that prize among the first one ten thousand registered players. If we do not reach even 10,000, we won’t have any problem, because probably there will not be any car to win.
But if million participants are really registered, I can tell you that the prizes for winning the games will be a lot higher, and in the final game there will be half a million dollars at stake!
Now go and practice your chess skills.
One more thing. If the turnout meets the expectations, the Millionaire tournament shall become a highlight in the history of chess, bringing fame to all its participants, especially the winners.
What can we add more?
Napoleon, when addressing his troops under the Egyptian pyramids, before the battle of Embabeh, trying to summon their pride and bravery, said: Soldiers, forty centuries are looking down upon you!
We do not aspire to match Bonaparte and we tend to be more modest, yet with all due respect we can paraphrase his words in our way: Chess players! Twenty three centuries are looking down upon you! (The number comes from the army of King Poros around 327 BC – which served as a model for the original chess game)

And feel invited for the tournament.


Goldchess Non Tournament is just a bit of playing around, but recently the players have suffered from the so-called “chess blindness” a syndrome well known from tournament practice. During the last two editions nobody could find a variant of solving a problem that required sacrificing the rook. And it is really simple… and well visible. And witty as well. Instead, we have received lots of twin solutions, which indicated the use of the same chess software. As we observe, the players still try to do it although in the very beginning we said that no chess software shall solve Goldchess problems, especially with the requirements that we set here, that is sacrificing a rook and winning a queen. So you better rely on your brains and… win. Today we have offered the prize worth of US$ 400 whereas the players won only US$100. Well, the amount of the prize always matches the quality of your solution
We wish you better results

We recommend

1. Non Stop Tournament, currently starting each Thursday at 17.00 hrs. CET (11.00 a.m. New York, 18.00 Moscow time, 20.30 Delhi time, 23.00 Beijing time).
Once the registration fee is paid, the system adds the purchased games to your account. You may open the position and solve a problem at exact start hour.
2.Immortal Tournament– starting in May.
Round-the-clock tournament. Instant play. 5-10 games with the prize pool starting from US$5,000
After paying the registration fee the systems draws a problem to be solved by the player; after subsequent payments it draws more problems. Apart from the given position the player receives the task description, time assigned for solving the problem, the amount of available prize and the corresponding title.
We recommend reading the Main Rules and Abbreviated Rules for both tournaments

Good luck.

American Week for American Chess Players

In the Non Stop tournament – especially for the American chess players!

We start on May, 4 at 05:00 p.m.New York time with the prize pool of US$ 3,500 and registration fee of US$ 20,00
Of course, the chess players from all over the world are welcome to participate, although they may find it somewhat difficult, because it will be midnight in Moscow, 02:30 a.m. in Delhi and 05:00 next day in the morning in Beijing. 🙂
In case of a tie-break in extra time it will be easier because it will start on Sunday at 10.00 a.m.CET (11.00 a.m. in Moscow, 01.30 p.m. in Delhi, and 04.00 p.m. in Beijing)
Breathtaking games. All starting from the original positions of the games played by American grandmasters: Joel Benjamin, Walter Browne and Larry Christiansen, famous U.S. chess-players. All the games, exactly from the presented positions, were won by a Goldchess amateur.
American players have to repeat the same achievement. But it is worth remembering that all the games were lost by White and we start from worse, difficult positions. Therefore each game requires virtuosity, and one has to reach the height of his or her skills to win, although the defending CEEC baby computer is not a particular chess eagle.
In the problem 4, Tala-Goldchess style, we may chose a checkmate in 27th move after sacrificing two rooks – prize US$ 500 and forced mate in 31st move after making 13 moves, also for the prize of US$ 500. The player who sends in both solutions will get 2 x US$ 500!
Please, feel invited.

Non Stop 13 – Report – There will be Play off!!

13th edition stopped the players! And we warned! Even though the authors of Goldchess are not infallilble, this time though their predictions did come true. All the immortal games defended themselves. Nobody solved any of the 5 problems. That doesn’t mean there will be no prizes though. Poor ones, but still.

From the 14th edition on there will be a new Goldchess formula introduced. Fun-easy games. Lesser prize funds, but easier problems. For the players to start winning regularly.


Task 1. m22 involving winning the queen on c4. We agree, tough one, 7-8 on a scale to 10. Solution we may otherwise award, this time no award, as another player sent a dual solution. They think the same, or they have the same computer program helping?

Task 2. Checkmate on c4, nobody sent any mate. No prize.

Task 3. Checkmate involving queen sacrifice. Distinction as well as awarded. Pawel Weichhold involing sac-ing the queen. And 6 moves faster than us. $200.

Task 4. Checkmate involving sacrificing and winning the queen. Nobody fulfilled conditions. But there is one which we would like to award, Lukasz Luba, reverse order, first winning and then sacrificing. Checkmate not on 29 but on 31. But a gem. Best solution of this edition. $250. Congratulations!

Task 5. m31 with f4 pawn, with sacrificing of 4 pieces. Transcendental problem. Just as we wrote, chessplyaers won’t solve this until in 600 years. Without a prize.

General thing. Players submitted a ton of the so-called “doubles”, same solutions with different move orders, which may suggest that strong computer programs assissted the players. And those “assissted” solutions are not awarded. But as we say from the start, strong comps don’t help anybody. That’s because Goldchess problems are not susceptible to them. 🙂 The program may deliver some solution, but not involving the conditions.

Thanks Everyone for numerous participation. The $5000 prize fund was a great magnet. And the participation in our great tournament.

We invite You All to next edition, and the Play Off! On Sunday!

Tournament of Truth

Ladies and Gentlemen, this day has finally come!
A Black Day for Non-Stop Tournament – the Thirteenth Edition!

5 immortal Goldchess games! Prize pool of US$5000!
Game 5 – US$3000!!! Registration fee only US$10!!!.
Why only ten? We don’t want you to regret the wasted money too much. Because we think that nobody gets any of the problems solved. ———————————-
Despite having claimed the above, actually 4 problems – excluding the fifth game – are within the players’ reach. The Problem no. 5 will take chess players 600 years to solve and computers will do the job 3 days before the Kingdom Come.:)
13th Edition. On 1 of April. It’s not about All Fools’ Day. We are serious.
Do not feel invited. In this edition everyone plays at their own risk
Goldchess Team

The Russian Week – Karpov Day, March 25th, prize fund of $3000

In the Russian Week of Goldchess, in the Non Stop tournament, we have 2 games of Karpov, Karpov-Akopian 2006 and Karpov-Edouard 2016, both lost by white. But in Goldchess, Karpov does not lose. In both games white wins. And that is the task of the players’. Win Karpov’s position. 
And it surely is worth trying, as the solutions are exceptionally beautiful. In the game Karpov-Edouard both wins are in the style that even Karpov would not be ashamed of.

Why don’t we share a bit of the secret. Game 1, for masters of blitz play. Only 5 moves to make and the time is 3 minutes. To Game 4 we invite the chess virtuosos, as here, traditionally, you need to be the embodiment of Tal. Task 5, is a game for true men. Here, you need to play strongly and decisevely, in a concrete manner. For this game the prize of $1000 and totle of Titan of Chess.
We especially invite the players from Russia. 
One more thing. Task 3, position from the game Kramnik-Yifan Hou, lost by white against the Female World Champion. But, as I said, in the Russian week, no Russian chessplayer loses. Ladies and Gentlemen, here we will forcibly beat Yifan.
For this tournament, we give 50 free licenses to the Russian players. They will be distributed by the „64” Chess Magazine editorial board (applicants requested to send emails to Non Stop Edition 12 is a tournament especially for the Russian chessplayers, but obviously, if players from other countries are not afraid to compete against them, anybody can play.
The Russian Week, Karpov Day – March 25th, at Goldchess site.
We invite Everybody

Non Stop – Edition 9 – Report

Looking at a non-author’s solution, I am never sure, who plays by themselves and who uses a strong engine. Archimedes 🙂

Task 1. Appears difficult, 21 moves to make. However, in the solution, the capturing of the queen is immediately apparent in the first 3-5 moves, and the rest is just a matter of an effective technique. However, due to the striking 21 moves, we gave as much as 15 minutes here for the Tas.
And there is the first solution! Not author’s solution. It’s a great surprise. The conditnions, capturing the queen and last move Qh6# all observed. And to that, checkmate on move 22, whole 6 moves ahead faster! Incredible, but also obvious, a GM solved it. Congrats to GM Jasto!
However, there is also the Time-Out! (15 minutes, 31 sec.) Pawel Weichhold’s. Unbelievable solution and we decided to make an exception off the regulations, and award this solution. $50.
And, Sammed Shete, India, 2 hours 50 minutes. Timeout, knock-out. But, as the only player, he managed to win the queen, like the author. Distinction and $25. 

Task 2. funny hint of Goldchess here. And also an IQ test as well as attention test, as knowing our site as well as where to find past solutions was crucial here. The position comes from the previous edition, where we asked the players to find a checkmate on move 27 involving the sacrifice of two rooks for a bishop. The solution is shown in the Non8-4 Play Off. And now it was just a matter of changing move 26, and the solution remained the same! $250 to take! And and … incredible finish! Levon Hambartsumanian of Armenia surpassed another player, the Polish Lukasz Luba by 17 seconds! And he is the winner. Both solutions almost author’s solutions!

Task 3. How to find a prescription to trick CEEC? Dear players,.. what an incredible day! One non-author’s solution, and Armenak Yeghazariyan of Armenia managed to Upload it … 3 seconds before the time passed!

Task 4. This is Tal’s corner, traditionally … Tal’s soul! One solution, non-author’s, Pawel Weichhold, there is a bit of Tal here… but not enough.

Task 5. Also a surprise, Task from previous Saturday, position from Vidit’s game, which the players managed to solve a whole move faster than the author. Now, the author gave 4 extra moves hint, and let’s see … $1.000 prize is waiting. 🙂
It’s 18.14 CET, and … no solution of 5th Task submitted… is it coming, or not? Our Team also has adrenaline flowing through its veins. 🙂 Conditions, instructions: checkmate on move 42, involving the capturing of a queen. And there is a solution! But… it’s m44, unfortunately! Out. Too bad. $1.000 has passed by the players’ noses this time.

Among the players who did not win a prize this time, we will randomly draw a free license for next week’s edition. Thank you for Your participation!

Overall, Poland-Armenia 2:2, with a tiny bit of favor for Poland 🙂
We announce Play-off!

Goldchess Team

Goldchess International

In February Goldchess will have the Indian Week in the Non Stop Tournament. In March 25 we will organize the Russian Week and the American Week in April. The players form the host countries will receive 50 free licences for the participation in the Non Stop tournament.
In India the licenses will be distributed by our patron GM Vidit Gujrathi, in Russie by the “64” chess magazine and there you should apply for free licenses at licenses will be awarded to first 50 players but if the number of apllicants is significantly bigger we may organize a draw.

Indian week at Goldchess – February 25, the prize pool of $2,500

The Goldchess website has a new patron. It is the talented Indian Grandmaster, the hope of Indian chess, Mr. Vidit Santosh Gujrathi.
To honor him, we will hold an Indian week in February. Vidit will have 50 free licenses for players from India.
The Non Stop Tournament will include problems starting with positions from the Vidit vs Arun Prasad game, and from the game played by the prodigy child from Iran, Alireza Firouzja against Sahaj Grover, who won both Goldchess Tournaments in India. Both those parties were lost by…. the White.
But, Ladies and Gentlemen, at the Goldchess website our Patron is invincible, and in the world of Goldchess prodigy children do not loss, either. I had the pleasure to meet Alireza personally, during the Goldchess Tournament in Yerevan, Armenia.
Therefore, the players will be required to win all the games-problems with the white pieces.
If GM Sahaj Grover takes part in the Tournament, he will have an opportunity to defeat himself, as he will play against his position from the game played against Alireza. Alireza in turn will have an opportunity to see how Grover could be defeated. Although it is not entirely true, as GM Grover makes much stronger moves than CEEC, our chess computer.
Additional tournament
So, the Tournament promises to be quite exciting. But please be advised: if the players fail to solve any of the problems, it will be available for an entire week, after the entry fee and the prize are verified, until it is solved by one of the tournament or new players. However, players from India will have priority as far as prizes are concerned. Only if no Indian player submits a correct solution, the prize will be awarded to a contender from another country, provided, of course, that he or she sends in a correct solution.
Feel invited!